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New And Easy Amazing Ways To Get Better Traffic For FREE

Traffic is the lifeblood of your online business. It doesn’t matter whether you are involved in niche marketing, affiliate marketing, sell physical product or digital goods, or you are simply interested in building brand awareness; without traffic, your website will starve and dry up as will your ability to build a successful online business.

The truth is, when it involves jump starting an internet biz, finding and luring targeted traffic in, is really quite simple if you’re taking the time to carefully structure your campaigns before your launch.

You need to create a system based on longevity, so that you can continue to generate traffic to your website long after the initial rush.

So, let’s get right to the heart of the matter; creating a rock solid, powerful traffic campaign that will skyrocket your sales and boost your brand awareness!

Where To Get Instant And Better Traffic

There’re tons of way to generate traffic to your website in order that you’ll instantly maximize your income and automate your online business. The trouble is, there are actually many traffic sources to settle on. But knowing which of them will ultimately generate the very best volume (and the best quality traffic) isn’t always easy.

Throughout the years, there are two main ‘blocks’ of traffic:

Free Traffic

Paid Traffic

It won’t to be that so as to get fast and straightforward traffic to your website, you had to line up advertising campaigns with pay-per-click marketplaces like Google AdWords. While these campaigns would send instant traffic to your website, they often came at a hefty price, requiring constant monitoring so as to make sure that advertising dollars weren’t wasted.

Then came free traffic.

It was slower, often from multiple sources and sometimes tedious to manage. The results could be worthwhile but most marketers and business owners would give up too soon, unsatisfied with the time and effort required.

Thankfully, things have changed across the marketing landscape and lately there are ways to siphon high-quality traffic to any website or landing page you select without spending a fortune on advertising channels and without having to endure the slow and tedious process often related to free traffic campaigns.

In fact, using just a few of the FREE traffic resources that I’m going to share with you, will ultimately flood your website with more traffic than ever before, instantly increasing your profits while solidifying your home as an authority in your online marketing success

Are y.ou ready to get started? Let’s dive in…

Social Media Traffic

Those who haven’t seized the power of social marketing are missing out on what is one of the easiest strategies of generating fresh, targeted traffic, at absolutely no cost.

One of the most popular social networks, carrying remarkable branding power is – Twitter!

Twitter’s interface is simple to navigate, and it’s popularity is unbeatable in comparison with any other social community, including Facebook.

The trick to generating traffic with information portals like Twitter is to be as active as possible and to post a mixture of both free and informative messages (referred to as ‘tweets’) as well as promotional messages that will send people through your affiliate links off to the merchants website.

With social media platforms like Twitter, you’re ready to connect together with your audience easily just by sending out short updates, notices and news of interest. Instead of marketing heavily within your social communities, always specialize in offering value within the sort of useful information, hard to seek out material, freebies, discounts and other benefit-driven offers that will help you stand out while nurturing relationships within your online marketing success.

Always try to think of ways of being entertaining, as the majority of people on Twitter are interested in networking and communicating with new friends, and are reluctant to click on links or visit websites that they believe are promotional based. This means that you need to take a very different approach when promoting through these networks.

Social marketing is all about directly connecting with your customer base, engaging them in conversation and building relationships with your target audience. One of the easiest ways of building a customer-based marketing campaign is to exploit the popularity of social media like, Ning, LinkedIn and

When it involves social media there are countless ways to the touch down and connect together with your audience.

With Facebook, you’ll found out paid advertising campaigns that are set to deliver supported user activity. It’s a highly targeted sort of advertising and a really cost effective strategy for those that want to check the waters while generating quick and steady traffic to their website.

You can also make your own marketing campaigns at no cost, just by creating a Facebook page for your business and connecting with potential customers. You can enhance your Facebook pages by offering discounts, special coupons and savings available only to those that join your Facebook group, like your page or connect with you in another way.

And don’t forget other leading social networks like and, both viable social media platforms which will assist you further extend your marketing outreach. LinkedIn is taken into account the “professionals social media community” where you’ll create a live portfolio and resume that lists your achievements, connections, business information and contacts.

With Ning, you’re ready to create your very own customized social media community, providing your customers, members and subscribers with a fun and straightforward way to interact with one another and with you.

With social networking sites you can:

1: Direct contacts to a squeeze page where you offer them a free download/product to encourage sign ups to build a targeted mailing list.

2: Direct contacts to your blog where they can learn more about you and your company.

3: Creating brand awareness and an increased follower army by using this alternative to thank them

for following you, while easily including your website URL within your own automated message.

Additional social networking sites worth joining:

Getting Traffic With Video

You can quickly generate nonstop traffic from video submissions. To begin, create a short video clip and then upload to the popular video directories, including and

Another easy way of creating video presentations is by using the article content you’ve already created to quickly develop “article videos”.

The best service for this is found at

Article Video Bot will take your existing articles and create live, talking videos! All you have to do is copy and paste your article content into an online form, and Article Video Robot will convert the material into a high quality video within seconds!

The traffic you will be able to generate just by leveraging your article content this way will start generating traffic through your affiliate links almost instantly!

Another powerful strategy forgetting your videos distributed quickly, while maximizing circulation is by creating an account with

Traffic Geyser will automatically upload and promote your videos across dozens of popular video communities, with a click of the mouse!

Here are the top video distribution sites to include in your video marketing campaigns:



AdWords Pay Per Click Is The Quickest Method for Website Traffic

Quality web traffic is the most difficult aspect of online marketing because traffic is essential to making sales. If there aren’t any sales, there’s no flow of money and no profit. Most small enterprises look for as much free traffic for their website as they can find, but for big companies and marketers, it’s easier to simply buy traffic through Google AdWords.

Paying for advertising online has one obvious benefit: it can be increased! After you find your keywords, all you need to do is increase your traffic with the push of a button. SEO can take quite a while to provide new traffic, whereas Google AdWords is immediate, leading to immediate profits.

Google AdWords and other forms of paid advertising are considered to be the quickest method for getting targeted traffic to your website. However, if your website isn’t designed well, you could lose out on sales and thus, lose money in the process.

An instant flow of targeted traffic is yours with paid traffic, offering results in the hundreds of thousands of visitors provided the keywords and marketing plan are managed properly. You determine whether the traffic flows or not, much like turning a switch.

Paying for traffic is very popular. When a marketer claims big monthly profits (like cash flow totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars a month), you can bet he or she is buying traffic from one source or another.

An effective marketing campaign is one which will turn visitors into customers and knowing how to do this from the beginning will add to your success. If your website lacks a good sales page, you will lose the opportunity to turn visitors into customers and your AdWords campaign will do nothing but suck money out of your wallet.

It is vital that your website is on target with every detail if you are buying traffic. If visitors find a poorly focused landing page, you will have wasted your money.

After working over your website with a fine toothed comb, you are now set to begin utilizing pay-per-click. How will you know a healthy profit when you see it?

If you invest $20 in clicks and you return $24 in revenue, is that good? Fantastic! Your return comes to 20%!

Before you balk at the idea of making “just” four dollars, take a moment to think about these numbers: you pay $1,000 for advertising and return $1,200! Let’s say you spent $10,000 for your pay-per-click campaign and returned $12,000. At these levels, 20% starts to look really good. An AdWords campaign returning even just 10% is still incredibly successful.

Some pay-per-click marketers spend more than $10,000 a day and return a very strong profit. Most of these folks just direct-link to the product, so they avoid the hassles of shipping products and interacting with customers.

Make sure you learn all about pay-per-click in advance, either from a professional or by reading books on the subject. Most marketers will work for free traffic first and then move into the world of paid traffic. But then again, if you think you’re smart enough, maybe you should jump into AdWords right away.

Paid advertising can offer millions of dollars in revenue. Every day, people everywhere are making more money than they ever thought possible by using AdWords.

Source by Tyler James Ellison




Can I Get More Website Traffic?

Whether you are just starting out, or have a good amount of experience in online marketing, there comes a time when we ask ourselves, “can I get more website traffic?”

As with any project in any area of our lives, to get the best results we must start with proper planning. The long route, taking the necessary time to plan things out, turns out to be the short route in disguise.

Creating a Traffic Building Plan

Before you decide whether to use free traffic, paid traffic, or a combination of the two, it is advisable to do some research and due diligence in how to approach the traffic issue, specifically in relation to your target market and website/landing page.

Once you have your website or landing page built, we need to create a traffic plan built around a few basics such as: search engine optimization (SEO), social media presence, placement of internet ads, creating good publicity for your product/service/website by having links to your site from well-known and popular pages, and creating a desirable brand for yourself and your business.

These are all important ingredients in getting more traffic to your site, but these are all predicated on having a strong foundation in place, and that foundation is built on value and flow.

Creating Value and Flow

In order to get targeted traffic (people interested in what you have to offer and will stick around long enough to get convinced) which has a higher probability to “convert” into buyers, it is important to design your pages so that value is recognized in the first ten (10) seconds a visitor arrives, and then reinforced for another ten (10) seconds, so that some interest may be created.

If a visitor stays on your website for longer than twenty (20) seconds, the percentages increase rapidly that this visitor may subscribe or buy.

If you have been in the online world for any length of time, you will have heard that “Content is King”. Good content creates value (Value of current page and potential Value of other pages), which then translates into Flow.

When there is a balance between how difficult it is to use a website and the rewards gained from that website, flow is more likely to occur. Flow is when a person hits your site and gets so involved in it that time just flies. The person is so engaged that nothing else that is going on matters. They are totally enjoying themselves.

This is a very Critical Point in the marketing process. When a person has attained the State of Flow, “Impulse” is very likely to take over, and inhibitions and caution fade away. This person then is more likely to purchase what you have to offer, or opt-in to your list.

For this to occur your site has to be of value, which creates interest, as well as easy to navigate; interest overrides any difficulty in navigation.

Understanding Precedes Action

To become or remain an effective internet marketer, it is very important to understand the ins and outs of traffic on the web. Foremost, traffic consists of human beings like ourselves and our family and friends. We all have interests, feelings, and desires that are most important to us.

By putting ourselves in their space, we realize that it is all about what they are looking to find to solve their individual challenges and problems, and not what we want them to find, or what we want to sell them.

Valuable content and ease of use will get your target market’s attention and interest. By properly positioning your site within the flow of internet traffic, you have greatly increased your odds of attracting the type and quantity of traffic to whom you may provide the most benefit.

Source by Joseph W Stasaitis



Do You Make These Website Traffic Building Mistakes?

Increasing traffic to your website is a key goal to a successful online business. But do you really want more traffic?

Or would you rather have traffic solely from your target audience?

There are three common mistakes you can make when investing in website traffic building.

Mistake #1: Getting Traffic From the Wrong Prospects

Imagine you owned a store on 5th Avenue one block away from the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree during holiday season. Hundreds of thousands of people walk by your windows and door. Would you want all these folks to come into your store?

If you said yes to “all” these folks, think again.

Why Attracting the Wrong Folks from Website Traffic Building Can Hurt Your Business

That’s because many of these folks are not your target audience. And therefore, you would be spending resources on prospects with little chance of converting them into a customer.

On the other hand, if you solely attract your target audience into your store, your potential return on investment is much higher. Not only for the first sale, but for all future sales from repeat purchases.

The same goes with your website. Except, the costs of attracting the wrong contacts into your website are much higher.

You see, when you attract the wrong website traffic it can slow down your site. That can affect how long folks stay on your website, particularly those folks who are your target market.

Kissmetrics reported almost half of web users abandon a site within 3 seconds if it does not fully load. And about 4 out of 5 shoppers won’t return to the site to buy again. Plus, over 4 in ten shoppers who experience this slow speed would tell a friend.

The bottom line is that slower speed from increased traffic of the wrong visitors can cause many folks in your target audience to leave your website, never come back and tell their social network.

Other problems can result after the wrong folks opt-in to your email. These problems can include higher opt-outs, lower open email rates, higher abandon shopping cart rates and higher costs for maintaining a larger database.

Mistake #2: Sending Website Traffic to Your Home Page

A very common mistake is to send traffic to your website home page instead of a landing page.

You can learn more about this mistake here.

When this occurs, the visitor will likely become distracted by looking at the content on the page, rather than opt-in in. As a result, the visitor judges your business based on what the site shows and states and may not opt-in before they leave.

Mistake #3: Not Having Persuasive Content on Your Opt-In Form and/or Landing Page

Persuasive copy is the most vital element on your website. Persuasive copy can move your prospect to act, such as opt-in or buy. Yet too few websites contain persuasive copy.

If you do not have persuasive copy on your landing page or opt-in form, why should a visitor opt-in?

But if you do not get your visitor to opt-in, you have no way to recover the cost of getting them there. And you cannot convert this into sales.

How to Fix These 3 Website Traffic Building Mistakes

The good news is there are easy ways to fix these website traffic building mistakes.

The first way is by attracting website traffic that focuses on your target audience. The more you know about your audience, the better the results. This includes demographics, psychographics and buying behavior. They key here is to exclude those who do NOT fit your target.

Direct mail lists, publicity, co-registration and affiliate marketing can enable you to focus on attracting your target audience. SEO and pay-per-click can too, but these strategies have a much higher risk of attracting too many folks that do not fit your target audience.

A second way is to create a landing page that promotes a lead magnet, such as a quiz or FREE report, plus an opt-in page. Your only goal here is to maximize opt-ins. That way you can develop a relationship with your visitor after he or she leaves your website.

The third way involves persuasive copy. This is what can enable you to convert your visitor into and opt-in lead and customer. But the copy should focus on the emotional needs and desires of your target audience. The more you know about your target audience, the better your potential results. Persuasive copy can help you increase response rates, so you can make more money.

Source by Jeff Traister




7 Fatal Sins of Online Marketing… Plus Secrets to Boost Website Traffic, Sales Conversion and ROI


If set up well, online marketing can help you generate a consistent passive income. There are many stories of how first-time entrepreneurs have made lots of money selling their products and services through online marketing. But there are hundreds if not thousands of times more stories of how folks failed bad. Investing their money and losing it or recovering little.

In its simplistic model, online marketing has three phases. In phase one, you get traffic to opt-in to your system. In phase two, you convert your opt-in leads into customers. Then in phase three, you retain these customers by getting them to buy from you again.

Yet each of these stages have inherent risks. And if you were to commit just one sin of online marketing, it could kill your entire business.

Here are 7 fatal sins of online marketing. Why you should avoid them. Plus, what you should do instead to be more successful.

Fatal Marketing Sin #1: Sending Traffic to Your Homepage

The money you invest in traffic is a sunk cost. The only way to get a return on your investment is by selling products and services. So if you were to get someone to click on your advertisement, you would want the best opportunity to sell them.

Yet 92 percent of consumers that visit a brand’s website for the first time are NOT there to buy. And only 32 percent of those who visited the site with the intention to buy rarely or never make the purchase. This per a study of 1,112 consumers in the United States by Episerver.

That’s why it’s vital you first get your prospect to opt-in and give you permission to send them email messages. Then you can establish a relationship with them. Plus, nurture them with educational information to establish trust and credibility. All which can lead to sales conversion.

The best place to send traffic is to a landing page solely focused on getting visitors to opt-in. But a homepage is the wrong place to send traffic. That’s because most home pages have a menu and too much information to distract visitors from opting in, even if you include an opt-in form.

Fatal Marketing Sin #2: Sending Cold Traffic to Your Sales Page

Sending cold traffic to your sales page before they opt in can be worse than sending them to your home page. Less than one-third of prospects who otherwise would buy from you, buy on their first visit.

By sending traffic to your sales page, you risk losing them forever by revealing your price, without first establishing a relationship with them. If they leave without buying, you have no way to follow-up. So you waste your advertising investment.

Fatal Marketing Sin #3: Investing in Traffic Before Investing in Your Sales Funnel

Why spend on website traffic you cannot convert into sales. Don’t put the cart before the horse, because you may not get where you want to go.

The key to making sales is to have a good sales funnel. So you can generate sales conversion. A good sales funnel includes a series of email letters with links to content to establish trust and credibility. Plus one or more landing pages with persuasive content and strong offer. And an order page confirming the offer with a fast and easy way for buyers to complete and submit it.

Fatal Marketing Sin #4: Not Knowing Your Target Market

All too often marketers make the sin of having too broad of a target audience. Yet targeting a broad audience will not only cost you more, it will also lead to lower sales conversion.

The best first step before you invest in traffic, is to conduct market research. An in-depth survey to help you find the demographic, psychographic and buying behavior characteristics of your true target market. The results can help you identify the most appropriate marketing messaging.

Fatal Marketing Sin #5: Not Segmenting Your Contacts

The era of one message fits all is dead. The advantage of online marketing is you can segment your contacts and give each a personalized experience.

Two common ways to segment your contacts is through custom fields and tags. Then you can group your contacts according to those who have a certain tag or custom field data. And you can personalize the marketing message based on this criterion. That can lead to both increased sales conversion and greater customer satisfaction.

Fatal Marketing Sin #6: Not Split Testing Your Campaigns

Split testing enables you to compare results between 2 and 4 versions of your landing pages. So you can improve your results. For either higher opt-in rates. Or greater sales conversion.

The key to split testing is to focus on just one variable at a time. This variable can be to compare headlines, pricing, offer, or even design of the landing page. You simply designate the current version as the control and send a certain percent of contacts in your funnel to the “test page(s)”. When one “test page” results beat out the control, then it becomes the new control.

Fatal Marketing Sin #7: Not Investing in a Downsell Campaign

As much as 67% or more may abandon their shopping cart. Yet you can recapture over one-fourth of these lost sales with a downsell campaign.

A downsell campaign involves a series of messages to contacts who abandon the shopping cart. Each message contains a persuasive message with a link to a dedicated landing page with a special offer. What once was sales-lost, now becomes increased sales conversion.

In summary, executing any one of the above online marketing sins can kill your business. But when instead, you execute the strategies suggested, you can help your business grow. To help you achieve higher opt-in rates, increased sales conversion and greater ROI.

Source by Jeff Traister



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