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Apply These 7 Secret Techniques To Improve Affiliate

With direct affiliate pages you will start making money for every sales converted, by simply creating an account with an affiliate network and get your affiliate linking code placed into your website. However, you may have visitors clicked on any of the link on your site directly, through an email or any of the online promotions, which ever way you’ve chosen, it takes visitors to the sales page and you earn certain commission for sales whenever those browsing your site are taken to this page that eventually lead to sales.

The Difference Between Direct and Indirect Affiliate Pages

Indirect affiliate pages are just the blank web pages which redirect your site visitors to the landing page, where they can actually decide if or not to make a purchase. It is much better to use the blank web pages link in your site, email or online promotions rather than the direct affiliate pages link. Again, when visitors click on the blank web page link, they are taken to the sales landing page, and then forward the visitor directly to the affiliate site.

What makes indirect affiliate pages interesting is that, they actually do not appear as if it’s an affiliate links. Some site visitors do not like buying directly through affiliate links, so with the blank web pages created you’ll get them unaware that the page is just to redirect them to an affiliate link. In conclusion, these pages do convert to sales better than the direct affiliate pages by far when put in the same location on the web site. It is just a simple logic anyone could try and you will start smiling to the bank.

Here is the simple step to create indirect affiliate page:

1. Create a new web page on your site and leave it blank as it is.

2. You then insert the below code between the header tags.

meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0; url=http:// www.”

What you will do is just to replace the URL “” with your own affiliate program link.

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How to Make $100 a Week From Home With Affiliate Marketing

If it is your desire to learn how to make $100 a week from home, affiliate marketing is a good online business to start with. From this article you will discover top affiliate marketing secrets which the gurus are not willing to share publicly. Come to think of it, the main idea behind making money on the internet is to share valuable information with people. So, I am going to expose you to simple ways to make money with affiliate marketing and possibly get out of debt or quit your day job sooner or later.

Basically, there are three ways to promote merchants’ products and services on the internet as an affiliate marketer. They are building landing or squeeze pages, starting product reviews blog, and building authority blogs and monetizing them with links of different affiliate products.

It is always difficult to make money blogging and promoting affiliate products if you are not an authority blogger or expert in your niche market. Starting a blog solely to review affiliate products and services can be very profitable if you personally use the products or receive review copies to guide you. It is always a Herculean task for a beginner who doesn’t have any idea of how to write product review articles to hit the ground running.

So, it comes down to setting up a simple squeeze page and creating an eBook or video to give away for free in order to build an email list of subscribers. I know you have heard times without number that money is in the list. But what I found to be valuable about list building is the relationship, bond and rapport which you are able to build with your target audience.

A lot of online shoppers and buyers are always skeptical about buying products from website owners who they don’t know, like and trust because of the prevalence of internet scams and low quality products for sale. It is even worse if they have to fill out their credit card information on your website to make a purchase.

If you are not an established e-commerce site such as,,, etc, you have a lot of work to do upfront to prove your expertise and earn trust from your target niche market. So, if you want to make $100 a week from home on the internet, the best way to get started as a beginner is to put your best foot forward by giving away something valuable to your target audience. This is because your generosity of giving out free eBook or video to your subscribers can gradually grow into mutual trust over a period of time.

The best part is that when you offer valuable free eBook or video, you are not worried about refunds or charge backs. Your main concern is to make sure you are giving away valuable report in order to reduce unsubscribe rate from your mailing list.

So, let’s do the Math. If you promote and sell an affiliate product which pays $25 commission for every sale closed, you need to sell only 4 copies to make $100 a week. Also, having 4 people in your buyers’ list of subscribers per week means you can up sell and cross sell other complementary products and services to them somewhere down the road.

In order to implement the squeeze page system successfully, you need to invest money in affiliate marketing tools including registering domain name, buying web hosting, creating landing page template, creating free report or video, subscribing to email service provider, and writing content to publish in your follow-up messages. There is nothing complicated about setting up squeeze page including automated email marketing system if you are willing to learn more about it.

But where you have to do a lot of work is crafting professional and valuable follow-up email series so that the rate at which your subscribers decide to opt out of your list won’t skyrocket. If you are not sure how to get started, simply sign up with reputable internet marketing newsletter and learn from the expert behind it. Another area I will draw your attention to is promoting quality product or service. You can know the quality of a product by using it yourself and reading feedback from real users from niche market forums members and users.

As for marketing and promotion of your website, the quickest ways to get website visitors is through forum marketing, writing press releases and content marketing. You have to regularly promote your website, build relationships with potential buyers in your niche market via social media networks and make sure they ultimately end up signing up for your newsletter.

Yes, there is a lot of work involved in completing these tasks but you are certain you are starting an online business for the long term. As a beginner, this is how to make $100 a week from home on the internet with all certainty either in affiliate marketing or other legitimate internet business opportunities.

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22 Recurring Income Affiliate Programmes

We’ve compiled a list of internet marketing affiliate programs that pay recurring payments. Most but not all pay these commissions for as long as your referrals stay with the service.

Many of these programs offer a free trial period, making them easy to promote. Simply offer your readers ‘X’ number of free days of ‘Y’ service to try it out for themselves.

This list is just to get you started, and is by no means exhaustive.

And while we’ve tried to be as accurate as possible, programs and the commissions they pay can change literally overnight. So please explore these for yourself and by all means choose only the ones that are an excellent fit for you and your readers.

Answer Base – Q. and A. software that can grow search engine traffic as well as cutting down on customer service requests. Pays 50% of first payment, 15% lifetime commissions.

Ashop – Makes it easy for online merchants to have their own store. Pays 25% lifetime commissions.

Aweber – The godfather of all autoresponder services, the name practically speaks for itself. Pays 30% lifetime commissions.

Click Funnels – Russell Brunson’s program to build entire sales funnels, start to finish. Commissions are 40% per month or year, which adds up really fast considering he charges $97-$297 per month for the service.

Convert Kit – Email marketing for blogging professionals. This is a terrific autoresponder for bloggers and marketers, and pays 30% commissions.

DreamHost – Reputed web hosting company offering premium hosting and a dedicated version of WordPress called DreamPress. Make $97 per referral or 10% recurring, as well as $5 for each referral your referrals get.

Elegant Themes – Offers premium WordPress themes and plugins. Pays 50% commission, and you get paid again when your referrals renew their licenses.

Get Response – Another great autoresponder, offering a 30 day free trial which is an excellent selling tool for you, the affiliate. Pays 33% lifetime commissions.

HootSuite – Multiple social account management tool. Pays 15% recurring for 12 months.

Improvely – Conversion tracking and analytic tool to track organic traffic and ad campaigns. Pays 50% on first payment, 10% recurring.

Lead Pages – A very popular landing page creator. To be an affiliate you need to sign up for the service. Pays 30% commissions.

PowerMyAnalytics – Measures your advertising return on investment with better and more detailed tracking. 20% lifetime commissions.

Qhub – Q. and A. software that integrates with WordPress and can be embedded on your Facebook fan page. Pays 50% commissions and another 10% on their two-tiers program.

Semrush – An SEO and SEM tool with high conversions. Pays 40% recurring commissions.

Shopify – An ecommerce platform that offers total control over the look and feel of your online store. Pays 20% commissions. – Drives conversions through content curation by adding a call-to-action to every link you share. Pays 20% commission.

SocialOomph – Social tool for scheduling posts, getting social insights, monitoring multiple accounts on one dashboard. Pays 40% recurring plus 5% from referral revenue.

Social Pilot – This is a social media automation tool, popular among entrepreneurs and bloggers. It lets you schedule updates on multiple social-media accounts, as well as auto-publishing using RSS. Pays 30% commission.

Tailwind – Pinterest scheduling tool for tracking, improving your pins and scheduling. Saves time, gains more blog traffic from Pinterest. Pays 15% recurring and $0.20 per free trial.

TD Web Services – Managed WordPress hosting, business hosting and dedicated servers. Pays 35% commissions.

Thrive Themes – Offers a suite of products for bloggers and internet marketers who use WordPress. Their specialty is conversion optimization and their products sell well. Pays 50% commissions on purchases and 25% recurring commissions.

Upcity – Local inbound marketing services and SEO software. Pays 20% lifetime commissions.

The very best method for promoting these programs is to first use them yourself. Then you can give a first-hand accounting of what you like about the programs, and why you’re recommending them to your readers.

Of course there are plenty of recurring payment affiliate programs in other niches besides Internet Marketing. Whatever niche you’re in, make a search, find two or three you absolutely love, and promote them like crazy.

Soon you’ll be earning monthly income for referrals you made weeks and even months ago.

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Affiliate Marketing – How to Do Keyword Research

Affiliate marketing wouldn’t be nearly as hard if more people understood the principles behind it. There are certain things you must do if you plan on making one red penny with your efforts.

And the first of those is keyword research.

Keyword research is the online equivalent of market research. Basically, you are determining how big your market is and how many competitors you are going to have to beat to win market share.

Here is a quick rundown on how to do keyword research:

In the Beginning

I’m assuming you’ve already chosen a niche and an offer to promote. After that, the first step is to analyze the offer itself and the sales page the advertiser is using to sell it.

What you are looking for are cues as to what people will be searching for to find such a solution. These will be “power phrases” that stick out to you as you read the sales letter.

As an example, a landing page selling a dog clicker training product might have a blurb about how you can house train your dog by using it. This is an important factor and a reason somebody might want to know about this product.

So, here’s the keyword phrase I would pull the following from that particular blurb: “how to house train my dog”.

You continue this process until no more keyword phrases stick out to you.

Next, you take these basic keyword phrases and write out every variation you can think of. From our example, I would write down things like:

· Ways to house train a dog

· How do I house train my dog

· Train my dog house training

· ETC.

Do this for all of the keywords on your now growing list.

While I’m generally opposed to using too many tools when you’re just starting out, this tool is a major help and it’s free to use.

Go over to and type in the offer page URL into the site profile section. It will bring back all kinds of data. What we are interested in the top 5 keywords delivering traffic to the website.

Add these to your list, and make sure to write out variations as well.

Google External Keyword Tool

This is another free tool offered by the big G itself. I use this tool in two ways. First, I type in the keywords I pulled from and my initial research to formulate more variations and to get an idea of search volumes. I write down the keywords that strike me as relevant to the offer.

Next, I use the website analysis functionality to analyze the offer website. This will give you a list of keywords that Google deems as relevant to the webpage.

Write all of these down… we’ll need them in the next step.

Competitive Research

This is really a step on its own, but I find it important enough to touch on here. The competition really will determine which keyword phrases are worth pursuing. (Side note: I am also assuming you are chasing these keywords for organic traffic as opposed to paid traffic.)(This process is different when determining competition for paid sources.)

Hope over to Google and type in the keywords you have on your list. Take note of how many different web pages your search brings back… this is your competition. Personally, I stay away from phrases with over 200K competing pages. This is a personal decision though, and you can set your own limit higher or lower.

Next, we need to determine the strength of our competition. Specifically, we want to know how long each page in the top ten is and how many quality backlinks your competing page has. There are tons of tools for finding out this kind of information, but another free option I prefer to use is called SEO Quake. It doesn’t cost a dime and is a Firefox add-on… making it very easy to use.

Now what?

So, now you have all these keywords with acceptable levels of competition. You have a product to promote and a dream to chase. You are ready to run… now what?

The next step is to test your keywords using one of major PPC platforms. But we’ll leave how to do that for another article.

So, get out there and build your keyword list. Remember how important this process is… it will make you or break you as an affiliate. Good luck!

Source by John Galtson



Wealthy Affiliate Review – 5 Key Benefits of Wealthy Affiliate Membership

There are so many “making money” membership site out there but there is nowhere like the Wealthy Affiliate is full of useful tutorials, case studies, keyword lists, research tools, turnkey websites and highly active forum that you can’t find anywhere.

Wealthy Affiliate is not a “get rich quick” scam, you will have to learn a lot of things and become an experienced Internet marketer who can generate all kind of income from the Internet. The main goal of Wealthy Affiliate is to help their members success in Internet marketing and eventually become another Wealthy Affiliate.

These are 5 key benefits from WealthyAffiliate.

1. Extensive Learning Resources

WA Learning Resource provides you all necessary information to get started correctly. You will feel overwhelm with valuable information in this resource. Various topics are categorized by levels of user experience; beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Each level resource has 3 parts of Guides & Tutorials, Courses, and Download.

All these material is highly informative and easy to understand. Working through these resources will guide you in the right direction. You will have a completed guide to set up and running online affiliate business correctly.

2. Useful Research Tools in Research Center

In this all-in-one research center, you have 6 research tools to help you find the right markets, keywords and traffic for your advertising campaigns. These tools are Google Match Types, Keyword Phrase Builder, Research Top Listings, Keyword Research Tool, Keyword Generator, ClickBank Research tool.

Each of this tool usually cost hundreds of dollar but they are all included in WA Research Center for you to use right away.

Using all these tools, you will be able to find the right products to promote together with lists of profitable keywords to start earning your commission.

3. One-on-one Coaching from Kyle and Carson

The unique aspect of Wealthy Affiliate that set it apart from other membership site is one-on-one coaching personally from the Kyle and Carson, the creator of Wealthy Affiliate. They always answer questions in the forum and also available to answer your questions via PM (Personal Message system). You can even ask them to personally review your AdWords campaign and make it profitable.

4. Get Crucial Tactics from Active Community Forum

The highly active forum exclusive for member only is one of the real benefits of WealthyAffiliate. In the forum, you can learn more about success stories, tips and techniques. More over, you can even live chat with other forum members.

WA forum is the place where the creators and experience marketers share their techniques and advices to help others increase their sales. Many successful marketers sharing some tactics that really works for them. This information is unique and invaluable.

This forum is full of popular topics about Internet marketing especially affiliate marketing, AdWords campaign, ClickBank products, hot markets, Landing page, Pay-Per-Click Advertising and other popular affiliate networks like CJ, LinkShare and Amazon.

In this forum, you can learn a lot from other successful marketers. You may discover a lot of new stuff that you have never heard of before such as Bum marketing, Dynamic Page Optimization, Squidoo, and How to develop you own products.

WA forum is definitely a community of aspiring and successful marketers that help each other to achieve the same goal – online success. You will always learn up-to-date tips and secrets that are working for other members.

5. Start Promoting Top Affiliate Products Using Turnkey Feeder Web Sites

You can start earning money online before learning everything from WealthyAffiliate by using their turnkey feeder websites. These websites are polished design with professionally written sales copy, the perfect landing pages to promote top affiliate products. Some of these great products are Who Loves Money, Wealthy Affiliate, Beating AdWords, and Inside The List.

With these ready to use feeder sites, you don’t have to build your own web site to promote top affiliate products. Don’t have to pay for hosting fee. Don’t worry about the contents and design, they are all completely designed for you. Just providing your Wealthy Affiliate ID and ClickBank ID, the system will automatic create hop links for you to earn affiliate commission directly form this feeder site.

Everyone can benefit from Wealthy Affiliate as a great resource for Internet marketing whether you are a beginner or experience Internet marketers. For beginner, you will learn how to make your first online profit in a short time. While experience marketers will discover plenty of new material that take you to a higher level and increase your revenue stream.

Joining membership sites is a long-term investment. With all these features and benefits of Wealthy Affiliate, now you can be sure if Wealthy Affiliate is the right resource for you or not.

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How Does Affiliate Marketing Work As An Online Business?

Affiliate marketing is one branch of the internet profit tree. It works when you generate targeted traffic to a particular website selling a product for which you get commission on each and every sale. You don’t own the product and your job is to come up with creative ways to connect a prospective customer to the product landing page.

Here’s an example of how affiliate marketing works:

An online entrepreneur decides to sell a popular “How Lose Weight After Pregnancy” information product. She goes onto the internet, and visits the ClickBank Marketplace and looks up the weight loss products. There, she is presented with a choice of maybe a dozen different products to sell and decides on one whose sales page and statistics prove it converts well.

She clicks “get hop link,” which incorporates her own unique ClickBank ID into the URL. She can then take the new URL and includes it somewhere in her sales funnel. When someone reads her sales material (an article, social media post, a pay per click ad, a YouTube video, etc, which pre-sells the product), and they click through to the sales page and buy it, she gets the affiliate commission – usually 50-80% of the price of the product.

Of course, she wasn’t limited to selling products from ClickBank. There are other top paying affiliate programs out there. Large websites like and Wal-Mart and others have affiliate programs, too.

Low Start Up Cost

If you want to start affiliate marketing you don’t have to spend loads of money to get started. The basics include a website domain, hosting, and some advertising (if you want to). But it’s not a necessity to get the ball rolling. The investment you’ll be making will be effort, not cash.

No Product Creation

When you start affiliate marketing, you don’t have to create any products. You’re the middleman. That means you go into a niche to bring together buyers and sellers. You’re the liaison between the two.

Become The Go-To Person

The key to becoming a successful affiliate is to build a list of email subscribers and become their go-to person whenever they need advice. Someone they can trust. Building a stronger rapport with your readers will increase conversions. If you take the time to review and maybe even put into practice some of the products and share your results, that will help you convert more sales.

Affiliate marketing is right for just about everybody. Even product creators adopt an affiliate strategy to complement the product development branch of their business. You don’t even need sales experience to become a great affiliate. Your job isn’t to sell the customer, but to connect them to the solution that they’re seeking.

Source by Jon Allo


Different Ways Of Generating Traffic, Leads And Sales For Your Affiliate Or Own Offers

When it comes to running an offline or online businesses, the most critical things owners need – besides the necessary licence and equipment – are traffic, leads and sales. Yet in spite of knowing this, the underlying question in most of their minds – is how to get more while spending less or better still, for free?

Having said that, this is what my article going to address today.

Now regardless of what they are called, they still boil down to one common factor which is people. Because without them taking action the way you want be it seeing your offer, listening to and reading what you presented and taking up your free and paid offer, your business is not going to last. That is the brutal truth in traditional and internet marketing as well.

So the question is how do I get traffic?

To be honest, there is no right and wrong answer. But there are free and paid methods you can use.

However before even doing so, it is important to identify if there is a market for your offer and connecting with people within that. This is absolutely necessary in order to build an audience as in groups of people who know, like and trust you. Especially when you focused on free methods which I touched upon later.

It is the same way with how you got to know your friends, boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse and how politicians do to get more people to vote for them and formed the government. You might also see that in networking events and seminars.

Below are both free and paid strategies I know and learnt from more experienced marketers.

A. Free

1. Article Marketing

This is by far the oldest but still workable method. What you do is write and submit an article like what you see now into relevant sites like Ezine Articles.

2. Blogging

This is more of a long-term SEO and wealth building strategy.

You can write whatever you want in your blog – preferably WordPress into your own domain and hosting and then connect with other bloggers in your niche either through blog commenting or guest posting.

3. Classified Advertising

You might not believe this but this is how I got started making my first dollar in 2008.

This is a great alternative and test to paid ads.

What you need to do is to come up with a eye-catching headline and 2-3 lines ad with links before posting to relevant sites like Craiglist and Gumtree.

4. Directory Submissions

In the past this used to work very well.

But in the wake of Google’s relentless updates, many sites have come and go so apart from Dmoz, they are no longer variable today.

5. Email Marketing

This works provided you have a quality email list of subscribers who are eager to read from, trust and buy from you.

But for this to work effectively, you need a high converting landing page and reliable autoresponder to send unlimited emails.

6. Forum Posting

Forums are online discussion sites in which people congregrated and discussed about common issues and interests.

To get started, there are important rules you have to abide by in order not to get banned.

Such as do not spam but provide helpful information in answering what they need and want to know with your blog and landing page links in your signautre – which is the footer text below every post you make

7. Google SEO

If you provided good quality content in your blog in the form of articles and even videos with social media channel links – I will be talking about later, the major search engine will reward you with higher rankings on first page for maximum exposure and even leads and sales from your searchers.

This also helps if you have comments and questions below your posts.

8. PDF Submissions

You can also compile a set of 5-10 articles into MS Word or Open Office into a report or e-book with an attractive cover before publishing in sites like Calameo, Scribd and Slideshare.

9. Press Releases

They are basically online versions of newspaper reports in which you can submit to related sites.

There are both free and paid services in which you can submit.

10. Social Media And Networks

You can also participate in social networks like Facebook where you can post on your timeline, create fanpages, live events, videos and joined and share in groups like what you do in forums.

Others include LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and Tumblr.

11. Video Marketing

This is where you create your videos from your own PC or iPhone camera, powerpoint slides or both with some music background and introduction or highlighted points text.

If you just want to show your face, you can use camera.

But if you want to share your PC screen, I will recommend Jing and Camtasia Studio – the latter gives you a free 30 day trial before you pay a one-time fee of $197.

12.. Web 2.0 Properties.

You can also post your content in other blogging platforms like Blogger, Hubpages, Webs, Weebly and Wix.

In the past these used to work like a charm in the form of Google Wonder Wheel.

But now you can only posted what you had not in your articles and blog posts.

This works best when you are doing e-commerce and your info products.

13. Webinars

They are online versions of seminars in which you can invite your subscribers and customers to attend before presenting your offer.

For this, I recommend Go-To-Webinar and Zoom.

B. Paid

For paid strategies, I will recommend 3 platorms in Bing, Facebook And Google Ads. At the time of writing this, mobile apps and YouTube Ads also came about.

With that said, these are both free and paid methods I know of getting traffic, leads and sales for your sites.

Source by Amuro Wesley



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