Top Applications of Digital Twin in Supply Chain Management

Top Applications of Digital Twin in Supply Chain Management

A digital twin is thriving in Industry 4.0 with its smart capabilities to boost productivity without any potential error across the world. Digital twin technology has even penetrated into supply chain management to enhance efficiency as well as reduce all kinds of supply chain costs. It is now a virtual supply chain replica with a sufficient amount of assets and logistics. There are multiple applications of the digital twin in supply chain management that can deliver different benefits efficiently and effectively.

Faster problem solutions: There are always some end-to-end views of frictions across supply chain management. The digital twin can enhance the problem identification process and help to generate faster problem solutions without much human intervention.

Positive transformation: The digital twin in the supply chain helps in positive transformation by mitigating potential risks and detecting existing problems. This functionality allows the department of supply chain management to save from the budget, yield higher ROI, and many more by reducing all kinds of negativities in the process.

Improvement in risk monitoring: Digital twin technology provides assistance to discover the best course of action for the improvement in risk monitoring. It can be successful through multiple digitally isolated testing techniques.

In-depth long-term planning: Supply chain management needs long-term planning to be ready for the future. The implementation of digital twin helps in optimizing the setup of the supply chain management processes and detects the additional capacity in the future for making an in-depth long-term plan.

Network optimization: The implementation of digital twin technology helps to detect certain modifications needed in the network of demand and supply from the physical locations to the customer service. Digital twin helps in determining the need to add nodes to the network with an opportunity to reduce the network costs.

Effective data management: This application of the digital twin is one of the most important functionalities of the digital twin in supply chain management. It helps in effective data management by providing opportunities to compare historical data with real-time data to identify weaknesses and strong areas that need to be focused on.