Exclusive Interview with Arvinder Pal Singh, CEO and Co-Founder of Enquero- A Genpact Company

Exclusive Interview with Arvinder Pal Singh, CEO and Co-Founder of Enquero- A Genpact Company

Digital transformation has been changing the landscape of many companies across the globe with the help of disruptive technologies. These technologies are enabling companies to obtain a significant foothold in the existing industries which is essential for generating new business models and services. Here is an exclusive interview with Arvinder Pal Singh, who is the CEO and Co-Founder of Enquero, which is one of the Genpact Companies to elaborate more on this front.


What are the key trends driving the growth in data analytics?
As we are seeing massive jumps these days with regard to customer expectations, tech innovations, and the way business models are evolving, we can only expect to keep up with these changes provided we are able to focus on building connectivity of relevant data. Exploring avenues of connecting KPIs from various departments, such as marketing, sales, supply chain, and finance will help in addressing customer needs better. Sharing and interlinking of insights across departments within an organization can help transform lagging indicators into leading ones. This upcoming trend of connected data to connected analytics for generating connected insights will set the tone for identifying and evaluating the success parameters of our businesses in the days to come.


How does your company’s strategy facilitate the transformation of an enterprise?
We help businesses in transforming their digital core by leveraging the power of hyper-automation, digital engineering, and advanced data analytics over a foundation of trusted data. We are passionate about delivering true data-driven digital transformation by enabling strategy, processes, and systems to work in unison through ServWare, a framework that formulates the right mix of software, services, and consulting to solve complex business challenges.


The industry is seeing the rising importance of big data analytics and AI. How do you see these emerging technologies impacting the business sector?
Basically, I feel that both big data analytics and AI can together present opportunities for business innovation and growth. And the benefits of it include a better understanding of market dynamics, identification of new revenue channels, customer-tailored products, and enhancing operational efficiencies. With deeper insights and accurate predictions from AI-driven systems, businesses would be ready to manage and respond to upcoming challenges.


How are disruptive technologies like the cloud impacting today’s innovation?
With rapid cloud adoption, businesses are experiencing improvement in time-to-market, and process efficiencies, while the reduction in operational costs, IT spending, and maintenance costs.  Cloud enables anywhere, anytime app deployment with standardized functionalities and easy options for scaling, quality control, and improved security.


How do C-suite executives leverage data to deliver business value to their organizations?
I believe data is that one common language that brings everybody in an organization to a common point of agreement and makes consensus building much more objective-driven rather than being forced upon. Leaders of today must evaluate what problems to address with the power of data for structuring a sustainable future. Data will help business strategists decide how to measure success and respond to unprecedented situations. Connected data-driven insights will help management identify gap drivers, link strategy-process-system intelligently, and deliver well-rounded decisions to enable corporate direction within and outside a business ecosystem.


What is your biggest USP that differentiates the company from competitors?
What makes us stand out as a company is our milestone-driven attitude to realize digital dreams through ServWare. This is a unique framework where the right mix of software, services, and consulting on a bedrock of trusted data work in unison to deliver faster strategy realization and meaningful impact. ServWare has been helping our customers experience true data-driven transformation by leveraging the power of hyper-automation, advanced analytics, and digital engineering.


What are some of the challenges faced by the industry today?
I think the biggest challenge the industry is facing today is the lack of the right talent. The rate at which technology is evolving is immense. Adapting to this change is nearly impossible if today’s talent models continue to focus on just training and not working towards enabling self-learning and development techniques. The entire academia-employee-employer value chain needs reimagining to shape the workforce of tomorrow.


Where are we going from here into the future with these digital technologies?
There is an emerging trend where businesses are gravitating towards realizing their strategies through data and digital transformation. It is fascinating to experience how the world of business around us is transforming itself to become a connected digital ecosystem of people, processes, and systems supported with data. For this ecosystem to stand strong, it is important to foster seamless connectivity and collaboration between functions, channel partners, and employees to deliver a better customer experience, accelerate revenues, and improve margins.