Back to business: Marketoon of the Week

, Back to business: Marketoon of the Week,

In this week’s Marketoon, we brace ourselves for the “new normal” in whatever form it comes to us.

Fishburne’s take: The idea of returning to business as usual is a comforting thought. But when has business as usual ever been usual? Instead of going back to work, we’re always going forward to work.

Why we care: There are high business expectations for the coming months due to the rollout of vaccines and relaxed restrictions for public gatherings in many parts of the world. Regardless of what the future brings, marketers have new tools and strategies that have developed out of the last 16+ months. Whether they improved customer service, made it easier to buy online, or launched virtual events, these improved digital strategies will bring success based on new goals, not previous goals left over from the “old” normal.