MOPs Rundown: What matters in Workato’s latest product updates

MOPs Rundown: What matters in Workato’s latest product updates

Let’s jump right into the latest changelog, starting with the most recent product updates.

Quickly assess utility of partner connectors

The Workato ecosystem is rich with collaboration. Workato’s partners provide recipes, services, and connectors for applications in specialized verticals. As such, Workato has created a way for partners to showcase their work. Profile enhancements allow partners to create a listing about their company and expertise; listing their connectors and capabilities.

Why does it matter?

A recurring theme as users of Workato is the art of the possible. And, whenever there are too many options, it can be overwhelming to think about what’s possible versus what’s doable right now. From a user perspective, this feature provides the ability to quickly assess what’s doable right now when using partner connectors.

Stream job and activity history to a log service

According to Workato, “A vital part of applying automation at scale across an organization is the ability to monitor operations, and actively audit changes. For this reason, Workato’s Audit Log Streaming lets you store a job history of all your recipes, along with login and user activity records, to any HTTP-based log service.”

Workato recently added to this feature with native support for Azure Monitor. 

Why does it matter?

This may come as no surprise for Workato users. More manual work has been eliminated such as having to configure the HTTP connection. 

Move from legacy SAP platform to SAP S/4 HANA

Companies have been slow to transition to HANA because of the skills required to recreate complex integrations. Introducing Workato’s S/4 HANA connection which will ease the pain associated with integrating SAP and tools like Salesforce. 

Why does it matter?

It’s Spring Cleaning time. In other words, it’s time to replace legacy integrations with Workato recipes. Workato offers a view of a recipe to sync your master product database from SAP to Salesforce. 

Image Source: Workato 

Get active revenue intelligence with Gong connector

A hot topic amongst marketing and revenue operations teams is a greater awareness of customer interactions that can be recorded and learned from. One such product enabling this function is Gong. If you’re not familiar with Gong, Gong allows teams to “get unfiltered visibility into what’s happening with your sales team, your deals, and market with Revenue Intelligence.”

Why does it matter?

Richer customer data from more sources, sure. But also, activating on the conversational data. 

In Workato’s own example, you’ll see a recipe that reduces manual work and activates competitive intelligence by associating the Gong call to an Opportunity in Salesforce. Meanwhile, mentions of competitors will be tracked and knowledge sharing from AE’s who have won deals against the competitor will be activated. 

“Know when a competitor is mentioned in a call from Gong. Automatically identify account execs who have won deals against that competitor from Salesforce. Tag those AEs in a Slack message to enable knowledge sharing,” notes Workato.

Collect and clean customer data using the Segment connector

Segment is a customer data platform with software and APIs to collect, clean and control customer data. According to Workato, “it’s not set up for the conditional workflows or data enrichment required for tasks like checking lead quality and lead scoring. It’s also limited in the sources it can easily capture data from.”

With the connector, Workato can be used to ingest data into Segment.

Why does it matter?

Every MOPS professional dreams of clean customer data, right? The Segment connector will allow Workato to call on more than 1,000 applications, expanding sources of data and performing cleansing and enrichment before data enters your customer data platform. 

Copy and paste multiple steps at speed across recipes

Who doesn’t love a product update designed to increase the speed of work? Workato has released an update to the recipe editor allowing users to copy and paste multiple steps including actions and control statements across recipes. 

Why does it matter?

Save time when reusing steps from one recipe to another. 

Source: Visit Kale Bogdanov’s blog at Workato’s changelog for more detail and examples to help illustrate updates. 

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