Top B.Tech Data Science Courses Offered in Indian Colleges

Top B.Tech Data Science Courses Offered in Indian Colleges

Here are the best B.Tech data science courses offered by Indian colleges
As soon as children pass high school, they start to inquire about various courses in different fields that match with their learning profile so that children gain proficiency in the subject which they decide to study. Some subjects are not traditional in nature and require extra efforts to look into so that the right decision is taken. Especially, subjects like data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, business intelligence, and more than calls for counterfeit of human intelligence procedures by computers and other machines. So the question is, are you a student looking for the top bachelor’s/B.Tech courses in data science and artificial intelligence?

Here are top B.Tech Data Science courses offered in Indian colleges


Artificial Intelligence Program
Well-known Indian colleges aim to provide quality education specifically in the field of artificial intelligence. Students get admission for this particular course based on their Advance JEE score. Many colleges like Indian Institute Hyderabad offer this program at affordable fees so that students can fulfill their dreams without paying attention to the fees. So if you are seeking to pursue B.Tech data science courses then you should go for an artificial intelligence program.


Deep Learning
Many institutes provide excellent courses to their students especially in the field of data science. The deep learning program offered by institutions like Indraprastha Institute of Information and Technology is divided into specific modules, followed by regular quizzes on the topic. The curriculum is updated frequently so that the course does not lag in any aspect. The course requires at least 80% marks in non-medical (12th) and clearance of JEE advance.




Natural Language Processing
Natural language processing (NLP) is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI) that enables machines to understand human language. Its goal is to build systems that can make sense of the text and automatically perform tasks like translation, spell check, or topic classification. Many Indian colleges offer NLP programs where students learn to design NLP applications that perform question-answering and sentiment analysis, create tools to translate languages and summarize text, and even build chatbots.


Data Visualization
Data visualization is the process of translating large data sets and metrics into charts, graphs, and other visuals. The resulting visual representation of data makes it easier to identify and share real-time trends, outliers, and new insights about the information represented in the data. A data visualization course offered by colleges is intended for newcomers to data visualization with no prior experience using tableau.


Data Science
As you know, data science is the field of study that combines domain expertise, programming skills, and knowledge of mathematics and statistics to extract meaningful insights from data. Many colleges offer Bachelor’s degrees in data science where you build your data science skills, learn Python and SQL, analyze and visualize data, and build machine learning models.


Data Analysis
Data analysis is a process of inspecting, cleansing, transforming, and modeling data to discover useful information, informing conclusions, and supporting decision-making. Well-known Indian colleges offer degree programs for students with good percentages and advanced JEE scores. In this program, you’ll learn in-demand skills that will have you job-ready.


Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)
Generative adversarial networks (GANs) are algorithmic architectures that use two neural networks, pitting one against the other (thus the “adversarial”) to generate new, synthetic instances of data that can pass for real data. They are used widely in image generation, video generation, and voice generation. Break into the generative adversarial networks space and master cutting-edge GANs techniques through degree programs offered by Indian colleges.


Applied Statistics and Analytics
Applied Statistics includes planning for the collection of data, managing data, analyzing, interpreting, and drawing conclusions from data, and identifying problems, solutions, and opportunities using the analysis. This major builds critical thinking and problem-solving skills in data analysis and empirical research. Colleges offer a program on applied statistics and analytics is intended for the students who aspire to excel in data analytics. It provides a spectrum of basics to advanced statistical methods and their applications to both conventional and IT industries that enable to tackle emerging problems.