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Snowflake goes all in on Unified ID 2.0

Snowflake, the cloud data platform, has announced its support for Unified ID 2.0, developed by The Trade Desk as an open source alternative identifier. With its addition to the Snowflake Data Marketplace, Snowflake customers will be able to directly activate audiences on any platform that has adopted Unified ID 2.0 using Snowflake’s data sharing technology.

Among the many platforms which have adopted Unified ID 2.0 to date are Oracle, Nielsen, The Washington Post and a number of CTV providers. Snowflake customers will be able to connect ad exposure with purchase data tied to Unified ID 2.0 profiles without breaching consumer privacy. 

Why we care. This is unquestionably another win for Unified ID 2.0. Snowflake has an extensive customer base, including some 187 of the Fortune 500 companies. The Trade Desk CEO Jeff Green has said that he does not want or expect Unified ID 2.0 to become the single universal identifier on the market. But right now it’s winning a lot of market approval.

Read Jeff Green’s recent remarks on the open internet.

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