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Exactly what is SEO Content Writing?

As a well-trained and well-documented freelancer, you should know how to use and manipulate the SEO content writing technique. This writing technique will allow for your articles to get the visibility you desire among search engines like Google and Bing.

When you have achieved this visibility, the content of the website will appear on the first few pages of results during a search session on one of the major search engines. When a site is featured on the top search results of the search engine, it will enjoy a great deal of traffic and exposure.

This can only be achieved by a carefully crafted article that hits the necessary spots of every search. What I mean by this is that you will have to mold your article so that it will contain the appropriate keyword phrases and keywords.

Keywords and phrases are some of the tools an SEO content writer uses to make sure the article gets noticed. These represent the exact words and phrases people use in the search box. Being able to include these in an article and still keep the reader focused is the catch.

SEO content writing is on high demand these days because it can make or break a website. Understanding the type of work an SEO writer does and being able to adapt to this kind of work is a must if you want to become a desired asset. To see an example of content writing just search for random things on the internet: “the best ten cars,” “great home ideas,” “how to make money like a professional”, and others.

Writing as an SEO professional

There is no recipe for writing a great SEO content article; there are however clues that can help you in your quest. Depending on what you did before you will find that writing SEO content can be tricky. You must write your fair share of articles before you will find your style and manage to adapt it to the needs.

• Balance

The needs of the employer and the audience of one’s writing is a tough act to balance. You will have to make sure that your audience is not suffocated by keywords and phrases. Write for the people and keep in mind always that you should take care of the reader. This means you have to be informative, precise and engaging.

• Read your work

It may seem like a great work of art when you’re writing it, but by all means read your article like you are the intended reader. This will give you another perspective and will also give out signals as to where mistakes are made.

• SEO keywords battle

Let the battle begin! This is no ordinary battle as you are fighting for both sides. You will have to keep an eye on the list of keyword provided and make a plan. Carefully plan your opening sentence (can the keyword be used there?). Also, look at the paragraph structure you are willing to approach. Look for natural openings and do not force the keywords onto the writing.

You may also write a draft and then look for some changes that will impact the SEO content in a good way.

• Plan your work

There is no way around this. You should always plan how you will write and what you write. It’s easy just go over the demands regarding the article and close your eyes for 1 minute. Now imagine you are looking at a web page that has your article in it. Look at the structure and the way it’s written. Now open your eyes and start writing with that image in mind.

It is always helpful to have the article instructions at hand. This way you will have a guide to keep you on track. Keep a close eye on the keywords and bold them just to follow them easier. A planned out the article is just better that starting with no guidelines, try it and see for yourself.

The keywords are the bread and butter of every SEO content writing article

Keywords are a great way to create visibility on the web. Big search engines have algorithms that are used to display the search related results. You will need to create an article that has as many keywords as possible. However, they should not be too many because if you overuse them, it will backfire. Typically at around 400 words written, you can insert a keyword.

You will be sometimes asked to bold the keywords as some of the articles display these words bolded. This will also do you good as you can keep track of them.

There are times when keyword phrases do not sound natural. An excellent way to deal with this dilemma is to use some short articles and prepositions like “of”, “a”, “in” and others. As an example the keyword phrase: “best cars USA”. Use it like this: “best cars in USA” or “the best cars in USA”. You can use this method because search engines ignore prepositions and articles like this. Try to avoid using this method when dealing with titles.

As many search engine and the algorithms, they use evolve over time you should be aware of the traps that may occur if keywords are wrongly used. Some keywords that sound unnatural will be recognizable. You have to keep a clean text and be aware of grammar issues.

The more articles you will write the better you will become at this. If you are just starting and are in need of some help, there are also grammar programs that may help you. For a monthly subscription, you will be able to use the program and enjoy the benefits.

Try to experiment and create your style, always remember that you are writing for others as well as yourself.

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