Do You Yearn to Be Free From Money Worries? Try Network Marketing

It is becoming increasingly difficult for individuals who work for someone else to achieve financial freedom. The disastrous global economic meltdown which started in late 2007 is not even the issue here. The meltdown, foreboding as it is, has only accentuated what has always been obvious to all thinking persons, namely: your most reliable route to financial freedom lies in building your own business in order to have a source of income over which you have control. And with the advent of network and multi-level marketing, MLM, the cost and expertise required to carve a niche for oneself as an entrepreneur has been on a steady decline, fortunately. On the other hand, the reward just keeps getting better.

Consider for a moment the sort of freedom that independent marketing brings into your daily life. It affords you complete flexibility over your time-time to be with your spouse when you want to, drive the kids to school and pick them up later in the day, take vacations as desired and as a family, time to go shopping, time to engage in volunteer work-while at the same time presenting you with unlimited earning potential, contingent of course, on your own personal efforts. Even that is interesting: probably for the first time in your life, your earnings are commensurate with your efforts. How many employees in the conventional workplace can boast of that? Over there, your earnings are dependent on so many variables, all which are outside your control: the economy, the industry, the contrasting fortunes of the firm you work for, office drama, your boss, etc. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your destiny in your own hands? Network marketing gives you that chance.

The Business Opportunity

Network marketing represents the future of marketing and business operations. Conventional advertising and marketing are becoming less effective, at least relative to the success being achieved in sales by those who create their own networks, face to face, via the internet, or through sharing of information between friends and groups. Call it Word-of-mouth advertising. Both firms and individuals have discovered that it works better and costs less. Literally billions of dollars are saved in marketing and advert costs. And guess who keep most of these salvaged funds? The distributors!

And nowhere else is the success of network marketing more pronounced than in the nutritional supplement and wellness industry. The wellness industry alone is a $500-billion-a-year industry, and that is just the United States alone. That shouldn’t be surprising: the U.S. healthcare is approaching $4 trillion a year. And as the population continues to age, the numbers can only go up. Meanwhile people are increasingly requesting practical, cost-effective alternative to what many persons prefer to call “sick care” rather than healthcare. A perfect scenario has thus been created which ensures that the wellness industry, especially the nutritional supplement segment, is in for a rosy future.

Take Advantage

If you are contemplating venturing out on your own, especially with limited capital, then network marketing offers you the best chance at success. The possibilities are simply unlimited. Testimonies abound. You can create a residual income for yourself-permanent customers and partners who will contribute a steady stream of cash to your business. The best part is it doesn’t even require you to quit your day time job, at least not at the initial stage. Quitting your day time job is a decision you’ll gladly consider once you discover that what takes just a small part of your time is giving you the bulk of your income. And when that time comes, I’m sure you won’t seek anybody’s opinion. Or will you?

Author: Kenneth Agwu

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