India To Campaign Using Humanoid Robot Ahead of Assembly Polls 2022

India To Campaign Using Humanoid Robot Ahead of Assembly Polls 2022

These humanoid robots can aid in tackling poll campaigns in the Covid-19 situation
Ahead of assembly elections in 2022 in five states of India, we may witness humanoid robots campaigning on behalf of political leaders. Isn’t that interesting to know about? This step is significant as mass gatherings in India can turn out harmful amid Covid-19 waves.

A new humanoid robot called ‘DOOT’ was developed by One stand India Pvt Ltd for this very purpose. This humanoid robot can communicate and deliver the impression of a human being with excellent voice recognition, gestures and face recognition. One stand India earlier also rented drones in Bihar for sanitizing during the first Covid wave.

These robots are likely to be seen campaigning for the Assembly elections next year and according to the company, they are in talks with the respective political parties to deploy these robot campaigners for the state election next year.

The five states that are yet to go for the poll in 2022 are Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Goa, and Gujarat. In Tamil Nadu, a newly-formed political outfit called India Makkal Munnetra Katchi (IMMK) introduced a humanoid robot for campaigning for the first time. The robot is called ‘Doozy’, it is a four-feet which is the party’s symbol too.

The new humanoid robot ‘Doot’ is ready to serve political parties by reaching out to a limited group of people with their messages in the middle of the pandemic. Doot has a large wheelbase having an all-wheel-drive gearbox that enables it to move flexibly and easily even on hard and rough surfaces. This humanoid robot is going to address the public on behalf of the politician through artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled voice recognition.

Doot is equipped with a custom-made servo motor, which facilitates the full upper body, enabling it to bend and raise with ease. This is the only humanoid robot that can twist around 140 degrees of freedom in the country. It also has HD cameras which are located on the head of the robot allowing it to look and record the attendees of the event. The humanoids are built on an aluminum frame with industrial-grade components. These kinds of robot campaigners will save a lot of time and also can go to multiple places at the same time. The other interesting feature is that the robots can also shake hands and wave at people.

The humanoids are developed by a Mumbai-based innovator, Santosh Haulawale partnering with One stand India. The innovator also created robots for treating Covid-19 patients and assisting healthcare workers. These new innovations can help avoid close gathering by controlling the Covid-19 situation during the India assembly elections in 2022.