Brands can now schedule Tweets through Twitter Ads

Brands can now schedule Tweets through Twitter Ads

Businesses can now schedule their tweets up to a year in advance thanks to a new tool released to the Twitter Ads Dashboard yesterday.

The tweet scheduler tool offers the ability to create two types of tweets:

Organic tweets, or native content posted on Twitter delivered to your brand’s followers that is not promoted.

Promoted-only, tweets scheduled and delivered to users targeted in a Keyword Promoted Tweets campaign; not delivered to any of your followers.

In addition to allowing users to write their own tweet, they’ve also added the ability to upload photos, location, and even attach promoted Twitter Cards (with surveys and lead gen cards) from this dashboard as well.

For small business owners and marketing agencies, scheduled Tweets offers the ability to plan their content ahead of time. While at first glance some brands might see this as an competitive option to services like Hootsuite, Socialflow or even Twitter-owned Tweetdeck, the tool is really a lightweight scheduler designed to assist ad buyers who want to set up their paid campaigns in advance, and lacks the monitoring capabilities of other social media management systems. Facebook offers a similar feature to their advertisers as well to schedule posts for promotion.

While this is a convenient tool for brands, especially those with serious staffing and budget concerns, there is still no substitute for the human touch and awareness.

Today’s push for real-time relevancy is creating more marketing #fail moments than ever before, and brands on the wrong end of those accidents can see all their work set back months.

Are you scheduling your posts in advance? What tool are you using for your social media management? Leave us your favorites in the comments below.