Attract Hungry or Desperate Buyers Or Perish – A 3 Step Plan

Attracting hungry or desperate buyers is no longer an option, but a must to achieve long term success. Why? Because the online marketplace continues to get so crowded with new competition, the days of slapping up a website, blog or email campaign and expecting hordes of people is long gone. One of the last chances for the little guy or gal to make a mark in the online world is to find a way to attract hungry or desperate buyers.

In fact, any business or individual who find an efficient way to attract hungry or desperate buyers can leap frog over bigger and better financed competition. It’s not always easy to do without a solid plan of action. But it’s worth the time and effort. Why? Because hungry or desperate buyers have been responsible for more successful businesses, products and services than any other factor.

In fact, most companies spend more to find and attract hungry or desperate buyers than any other expense by far. Why? Because they’re the lifeblood of any successful business, old or new. But unfortunately unless a business has an enormous amount of money, skills and resources it’s getting harder for the average or small business to pay others to find hungry or desperate buyers for them. Ironically many companies have gone broke because they underestimated the cost of paying to find hungry buyers or desperate buyers.

But what if you could find a solid plan to attract them without buying ultra expensive software or hiring a fancy consulting firm that may or may not work.. Do you think the person or company who could do that would have a major advantage over their competition who didn’t know how. Before I reveal this powerful 3 step plan, first let’s define a hungry or desperate buyer first.

1. A person or company with an immediate need to buy now. 2. A person or company with the available funds to buy now. 3. A person or company with motivation to buy now.

Most companies will spend a small fortune to attract a buyer with the above 3 qualities, in fact many do, it’s called advertising. But what about the small companies with little or no budget for slick ads or the money to hire a top gun copywriter. They have to get creative.

The following tips are designed to help you serve hungry or desperate buyers, not take advantage of them. I promise using the following 3 step plan to take advantage of desperate or hungry buyers instead of helping them will backfire quickly. Remember the internet has made this a smaller world and the word gets around as fast as someone can type or click a computer mouse. You’ve been warned.

Here’s a simple 3 – step plan of action to get you started on the road to attracting hungry buyers to sell your product or service to:

1. Stubborn Problems Attract Hungry or Desperate Buyers So, the first step is finding a stubborn problem. This is one of the easiest to solve because there are problems everywhere, which means there’s opportunity everywhere when you maintain this attitude. But the hardest step is not finding a stubborn problem but choosing and focusing on one you want to tackle. This is an important step because when you find the right problem you have a magnet that will help you attract hungry or desperate buyers.

2. Solutions Attract Hungry or Desperate Buyers Solutions is what makes hungry or desperate buyers take out their money and credit cards. Once you’ve completed step one, this step is easier. Why? Because you have road signs to direct you to the solutions. For example, to find the solution to a buyer attracting problem generally falls into the following categories.

Make Something

1. Easier To Buy, Use or Repair

2. More Convenient

3. Adaptable

4. Faster

5. Tastier

6. Bigger, Stronger, Lighter

7. Less Painful

8. Last Longer

9. More Entertaining or Amusing

10. More Comfortable

11. Stop, Go Away, Reduce or Shrink

12. Expand, Grow or Develop

9 out of 10 hungry or desperate buyers are looking for the above 12 qualities in any product or service they buy. Think about it, just one quality has creating fortunes for many alert people. This is the final piece to the formula for attracting hungry or desperate buyers. This is where most people fall down or drop the ball. This is the action part of the formula. Guerrilla marketing relies on timing, creativity and efficient implementation rather than a big marketing or ad budget. That’s what makes the 12 qualities above so effective. They’ve created fortunes, even whole industries, so don’t take the above list lightly.

3. Creative Guerilla Marketing Attracts Hungry and Desperate Buyers The advantage of guerrilla marketing benefits small businesses. Why? Because a small business can react faster to consumers changing needs than a large corporation. A small business can also put plans into action faster than larger businesses. Guerilla marketing is the think outside the box form of marketing that helps level the playing field, even if a company has a limited budget.

Here’s a few examples to attract hungry or desperate buyers:

Making your business, product or service viral by… 1. Making a viral video. (That’s funny, unusual, attention getting that promotes a product or service). 2. Making your business, product or service do newsworthy actions. 3. Promote and market more through social media sites.

All these tips and techniques work to help you and your business to attract more hungry buyers. But don’t stop here…

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