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World Trade in Disinfectants Doubles to $ 6 Billion in 2020

IndexBox has just published a new report: ‘World – Disinfectants – Market Analysis, Forecast, Size, Trends and Insights’. Here is a summary of the report’s key findings.

Global disinfectant imports skyrocketed to $6B in 2020, rising more than twofold over the last year. In physical terms imports grew from 0.9M tonnes to 1.9M tonnes. In 2020, the U.S., Canada and Japan featured the largest purchases from abroad in value terms. America saw the highest growth rate of imports, increasing the volume of supplies ninefold. Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, the UK, Germany, Canada and France followed the U.S. in import growth per year. Germany, the U.S. and the UK constituted 39% of global export value last year. 

Global Disinfectant Imports by Country
In 2020, global disinfectant imports soared from 0.9M tonnes in 2019 to 1.9M tonnes in 2020. In value terms, disinfectant imports surged from $2.5B to $6B (IndexBox estimates) in 2020.

In value terms, the largest disinfectant importing markets worldwide were the U.S. ($770M), Canada ($549M) and Japan ($498M), together comprising 31% of global imports.

The countries with the highest levels of disinfectant imports in 2020 were the U.S. (244K tonnes), Germany (188K tonnes), Canada (155K tonnes), France (136K tonnes), Japan (134K tonnes), the UK (119K tonnes) and Australia (87K tonnes), together recording 55% of total import. Hong Kong SAR (51K tonnes), Belgium (47K tonnes), the Netherlands (37K tonnes), China (36K tonnes), Spain (35K tonnes), and Austria (33K tonnes) occupied a minor share of total imports.

The U.S. saw the highest growth rate of purchases. America boosted its imports by nine times, from 26K tonnes in 2019 to 244K tonnes in 2020. In value terms, U.S. imports grew from $87M to $770M over this period.

In 2020, Japan and Hong Kong increased purchases from abroad by seven times. Australia, the UK, Germany boosted the imports threefold, while Canada and France saw a twofold-increase in supplies to their countries.

In 2020, the average disinfectant import price amounted to $3,062 per tonne, up by +13% against the previous year. Prices varied noticeably by the country of destination; the country with the highest price was China ($5,227 per tonne), while the UK ($2,142 per tonne) was amongst the lowest. In 2020, the Netherlands attained the most notable rate of growth in terms of prices, while the other global leaders experienced more modest paces of growth.

World’s Largest Disinfectant Exporters
In value terms, Germany ($654M), the U.S. ($497M) and the UK ($341M) constituted the countries with the highest levels of exports in 2020, with a combined 39% share of global exports. These countries were followed by Spain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Canada, China, the Czech Republic, Poland, Denmark and Costa Rica, which accounted for a further 34%.

The shipments of the twelve major exporters of disinfectants, namely Germany, the U.S., Spain, France, Belgium, the UK, the Netherlands, China, Canada, Poland, the Czech Republic and Costa Rica, represented more than two-thirds of total export. Denmark took a minor share of total exports.

Source: IndexBox Platform

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