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Work from where: Marketoon of the Week

This week’s Marketoon speaks to the tortuous decision employers and their teams might have to make if the world ever gets on the other side of the pandemic.

Fishburne’s take: Separate from the obvious benefits of schedule flexibility and a barefoot commute, one in three (workers surveyed in a recent Harvard study) felt that both their overall performance and quality of work was better than the previous year and one in three were able to better focus on work from home. This return hesitancy is sparking friction as businesses figure out the new normal, most prominently in financial services.

Why we care: Marketers are innovators and adapters. Last year they were able, for instance, to change in-person events to virtual conferences on a dime, as well as manage complicated marketing tasks remotely. How does the marketing profession feel about returning to an office on a more regular basis? It would be worth it, both from a morale and an operations standpoint, for organizations to listen to their innovators and avoid sentencing large portions of their workforce to a dungeon not of their own choosing.

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