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Why OpenTaps Is Best for Small Business

OpenTaps offers an all in one solution for business houses. This open source tool provides ERP and CRM solutions to an enterprise. Its numerous functions include point-of-sales, warehouse, customer management, e-commerce, general ledger, accounting, mobility integration, build-in business intelligence solutions, and online store. Equipped with Google calendar, mobile phone, and Microsoft Outlook, OpenTaps is based on Apache OFBiz Foundation. Low cost and flexibility… these are two main characteristics of this software and this is the reason why OpenTaps is best for small business.

Features of OpenTabs: The general features of OpenTaps are as follows:

  • It is a software, which functions as a complete business solution. It takes care of CRM and ERM systems of a business.
  • It integrates marketing, sales, and accounting with customer services.
  • It supports unlimited online and physical stores, categories, catalogs, and products.
  • It ensures up-sells and cross-sells of products of a business house.
  • It provides various supports to product management such as physical products, downloadable products, digital products, configurable products, and variant products.
  • It sets group and individual specific pricing.

How it works: OpenTaps software works to join various components of a business. There are four main parts in its functionality: operating process, teamwork processes, enterprise teams, and unified database. Within the cycle, customers are connected with these business components. The functionality of the cycle is as follows:

  • Customers/ partners/ suppliers get connected with Business Operating Processes.
  • The business operating processes is linked with business teams.
  • Business teams collaborate with enterprise teamwork processes.
  • The unified database teams up directly with business operating processes, teamwork processes, and business teams, thereby indirectly linking customers, partners, and suppliers.
  • The entire system collectively forms a strong Contextual Collaboration between customers and business.

Why small businesses prefer OpenTaps: From the aforementioned discussion, it is quite obvious that OpenTaps singlehandedly provides alternatives to a number of expensive business tools, apart from performing as joint ERP plus CRM solution. Given below are some reasons to justify its popularity among the small and mid-size business houses.

  • It is an open source CRM + ERP solution. The business houses don’t need to bear the additional fees associated with licensing, downloading, and registration.
  • OpenTaps comes with a very small price tag. This feature helps enterprises to utilize the all in one tool within the limitations of their budget.
  • The system runs on an automated system, which saves time and cost related to hiring people.
  • OpenTaps supports a dynamic system. It is a real-time software, which can be accessed anywhere and anytime through Internet.
  • The system provides a secure environment for all businesses.
  • The system is supported by a group of expert developers. The business houses can fetch their help anytime

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