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Why Internet Marketing Firms Hate MFA Sites

If the recent Google update has made your site rankings plummet through the floor, it has probably left you gasping for breath. Hello, where did you go wrong? If you take a peek around the e-landscape you will see many warrior sites left spluttering for breath. The nature and scope of search engine optimization has undergone a sea-change with the recent Google update. The truth is that with every Google update, a good Internet marketing company should quickly re-think and re-strategize. So its no use singing Shaggy’s ‘It wasn’t me’ to the Google Gods. Stop trying to convince them that you didn’t use MFA (Made for Adsense) sites. The sooner you accept the truth, the better it is – MFA sites have become like Micheal Jackson in the world of search engine optimization – hot once, cold now.

Search Engine Optimization and MFA

If you have created an MFA site, then you have undoubtedly found yourself at the top of the rankings, or somewhere close enough, all this time. However, now any legit internet marketing company will inform you that a MFA site is on the search engine optimization hit list. The Big Brothers at Google are watching you very closely. It’s only a matter of time before you will be kaput – sandboxed, banned, or dropped from the SERPs – no Internet marketing company will be able to help your search engine optimization efforts.

So, as the wise men at search engine optimization say, better to quit while you are ahead. Drop the MFA, and continue going down the straight and the narrow of search engine optimization. Use traditional search engine optimization techniques like good SEO rich content – update it regularly and you will see rankings improve slowly and gradually. Get one way links from targeted themed sites, you know the search engine optimization routine…Be a good boy, and the search engine optimization gods will smile upon you once again. Don’t hesitate to employ an expert search engine optimization firm to do this for you.

Why MFA Sites Suck

After all, what use was your MFA site anyways? The purpose of a Made for AdSense site is placing ads, which might be of interested to users. Once a user clicks these ads, and makes a purchase, the site is paid a commission from the advertiser. This sounded like a good idea, till fishy search engine optimization firms took a good thing and tarred it black.

Scraping, cloaking, and other black hat techniques have made MFA sites fester like a sore wound for genuine search engine optimization firms and strategies. You see, these MFAs pages are targeted at particular keywords. When surfers enter such keywords in a search engine, they are directed to these pages, which appear to have useful content. Keyword stuffing, same color text, and other underhand techniques make these pages appear at the top of the search engine optimization rankings. However, users see only a list of ads, most of which are not even related to their initial keyword. Informational content is zilch, and usefulness is zero. In fact, most MFA sites are not even created by humans any more, but are created using scripts and other search engine optimization tricks.

As you can imagine, MFA sites ruin the quality of search engine results. What’s a guy to do when most sites open up as lousy MFA sites? You think such a surfer will ever use that search engine again? Unlikely.

Moreover, imagine the condition of an advertiser who has put his hard-earned dollars into an Adword or an AdSense? He thinks genuine buyers and prospects are exploring his services. However, the only people coming his way are surfers who have been tricked into clicking his ad. In summary, an Adword buyer is paying for accidental clicks. This is search engine optimization fraud, any which way you look at it.

MFA Fall Outs on Search Engine Optimization

Not only will your MFA site sink like a stone in the web morass, with it will go other black hats as well. For example, your landing pages. If you have noticed, Google has increased the bid values for AdWords. When sites used to bid on relatively cheaper AdWords, they had no problems redirecting clickers to their MFA sites. At such sites, every click would generate several dollars for the owner. So the ROI was fantastic – bid a few cents on an AdWord, and get several dollars in exchange. Who could resist that?

Now it’s a different story. Such MFA sites are re-evaluated according to the landing pages for the AdWord. Internet marketing firms now realize that such pages could tank the rankings of their sites, or even worse, get their site banned. SERPs have shown that the only way for legit AdWords sites to remain in the race is to junk the MFA – landing pages tie-up.

The fall out of the recent update is that black hat search engine optimization methods have excluded MFA sites and the AdWords landing pages of such sites.

How Does Google KNOW?

Its quite simple. They altered the algorithm slightly, and tweaked it so that only the legit sites remain visible at the top. In fact, as far back as December 2005, Google began recording the Quality Score of AdWords landing pages. Similar to the carrot and stick approach, spammy pages resulted in higher bid values of related keywords and lower scores.

Best Practices for Internet Marketing Firms

  • Alter all MFA sites you own, ASAP. Replace the content with information about the keywords you have used. Its painful, its expensive, but its pays in the long run.
  • Edit the AdWords landing pages to have some relevant content.
  • Always use black hat with caution. If you are going to flirt with the law, be prepared for the sandbox.
  • Ask a professional Internet marketing company for help – they are the experts, after all.

An Internet marketing company will bring with it knowledge, experience, and best of all, they know exactly how to remain just outside the danger zone. No one said search engine optimization was easy or simple. What is hot today becomes passé tomorrow. As an Internet marketing company, you need to be alert, agile, and very street smart to remain a step ahead in the rat race.

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