What you missed at Data Natives x VentureBeat Transform (and how to fix your FOMO)

What you missed at Data Natives x VentureBeat Transform (and how to fix your FOMO)

It was a week of superlatives. Data Natives x VentureBeat Transform week was an outstanding success in every aspect. Whether you measure the quality of the speakers, the content of the sessions, the incredible registered attendee facts, the support of our sponsors and partners, or the number of people watching the live streams, it blew away our expectations.

If you weren’t able to tune in through the week, or on the day of the Data Natives segment, here’s what you missed.

P.S. Don’t worry – we’ll explain how you can forsake that FOMO and catch up on everything you crave.

From Monday to Thursday, VentureBeat delivered four days of top-draw sessions, emceed throughout by our very own Stewart Rogers. From the future and value of AI in healthcare with Taha A. Kass-Hout, Dr. Doug Melton, and Dr. Joe Colorafi, to diving deep into diversity, equality, and inclusion with Kathy Baxter, Carla Saavedra Kochalski, and Kay Firth-Butterfield, both the roster and the knowledge delivered were of the highest order.

With over 100 speakers, more than 60 main stage sessions, three breakfast panels, and in excess of half a dozen VIP roundtables, both registered attendees and live stream viewers received value in droves.

On Friday, Data Natives delivered its program on the Transform main stage, with sessions on everything from deep fakes to the future of AI, and AI for good to quantum computing. After a thought-provoking opening speech from our CEO and founder, Elena Poughia, we were frankly wowed by the knowledge, experience, and expert analysis of our speakers.

Thank you to Shamala Hinrichsen, Toby Walsh, Kaoutar Chennaf, Thorsten Dittmar, Juan Carlos Medina Serrano, Bart de Witte, Caroline Lair, Taryn Andersen, and Whurley for delivering such inspiring and captivating sessions, and to our expert moderators Alistair Croll, Dan Taylor, and Nicholas Borsotto for your insightful questions and deep understanding of the subject matter.

Over 3,100 people pre-registered for the week-long event, and there were more than 112k live stream views. “Engaged” viewers – those that were unmuted, full screen, and clicking – topped 16k people. And during the Data Natives segment on Friday, we registered around 20% of the total VB audience enjoying our agenda.

Of course, we couldn’t have done it without our incredible team, the rock stars at VentureBeat, their world-class A/V provider – Evergreen Creative – and our own amazing partners.

Each of our Community Partners creates inclusive, educational, and supportive spaces for anyone interested in AI, data science, technology, and the startup community.

All in Tech has the vision to create 10,000 tech opportunities for women and people of color in the workplace by 2030. It envisions a world where everyone can create their own opportunities and not be impeded by lack of access.

Factory Berlin’s diverse community of members and partners collaborate to build the world of tomorrow. It is re-imagining collaboration by connecting people, ideas, and resources to impact our community, our surroundings, and the world, both online and through its campuses in Berlin and Hamburg.

AI Campus is a not-for-profit space where research, startups, and corporates come together and collaborate on artificial intelligence projects. It brings together leading universities, cutting-edge research centers, top tech and entrepreneurial talent, industry experts, and policymakers, both virtually and at its campus in Berlin.

Our Special Partners are just that – special. Their support and assistance ensure that both the Data Natives segment and the entire VentureBeat Transform week are brought to you with the highest quality, wherever you may attend from.

3pc was one of the very first web agencies in Germany and has been offering the best digital solutions for almost three decades. 3pc creates solutions for the digital age, combining strategy, design, technology, and communication in a holistic and user-centered approach. We broadcasted throughout the week from its offices and studios in Berlin’s thriving creative hub, the district of Kreuzberg.

Photo credit: Beto Ruiz Alonso

Equally special is BiTHOUSE Group/UNITED17 Ventures, which gave immeasurable support to the event and helped us bring you this amazing content. Scouting and supporting the future leaders of society and those who have the skills to create inclusive opportunities for humankind wherever they scale due to their character, stamina, and passion for success, it is an innovation ecosystem of builders and connectors. Created by corporate and startup founders, BiTHOUSE Group/UNITED17 Ventures levels the playing field for all founders, adding an inclusive lens to its efforts and providing mentorship, advice, funding, and support.

Thanks to all our incredible partners for their efforts in bringing you this program.

Last but by no means least, huge thanks to the fantastic team at SpatialChat for powering our interactive, “almost as good as real life” networking room (and not-working room – a space for people to escape and get to know each other without business chat). As well as the ability to move around the room and talk to different groups of people, we ran a re-run of Data Natives Unlimited 2020 day one, delivering even more amazing content to attendees of Transform Week.

So how do you catch up and see it all for free?

You can watch the entire Data Natives segment on YouTube right now! In fact, we won’t even make you open a new tab in your browser. Just hit play below.

And for the rest of VentureBeat Transform? Register now and you can watch on demand. See everything, or choose only the ones that matter to you most.

The optional VIP pass is still great value. While you missed out on the VIP networking experiences, it includes an annual VentureBeat Membership unlocking gated content, community spaces, future events, and more. Use the code Datanatives21 for $100 off a VIP pass!

That’s all for now. Look out for announcements of more events from Dataconomy and Data Natives soon! Thanks to everyone that helped make it possible, which – of course – means you. Our community, readers, and viewers are the reason we do this, and we appreciate each and every one of you.