What were the top company blogs of 2014?

What were the top company blogs of 2014?
Top 10 Corporate Blog Awards: Nominations | Finalists | Top 10 Winners

Nominate your favorite brand blog in the comments below!


Attention Social Fresh community: We need your help.

The corporate blog is not dead.

The blog is the cornerstone of publishing and content marketing for your company, but all too often companies focus on the next shiny object in social media, forgetting about the importance of owning their own content in a place where consumers, both current and prospective, can come back any time to consume a wealth of information.

While some corporate blogs have become the stuff of legend, still we see many companies struggle to identify where their return is coming from.

We’re asking for your help in unearthing the latest and greatest examples of blogs.

What business blogs are doing a good job? Who are the folks you’ll gladly give your email address to? Where do you go back to time and again? Or subscribe to? Which ones do you share with your boss, your team, your social networks?

You know the type, the ones that make you say, “I wish I wrote that!”

This is the 4th year of the Social Fresh Corporate Blog Awards. Help us spotlight the best of the best with your comments below.

The Contest

You: You nominate your favorite business blog.

To nominate a blog, please include the blog, company and link in a comment on this blog post before September 12 at 5pm EST.

Us: Every blog that gets 2 votes will get officially nominated. Each nomination will be judged on:

1. Calls to action

2. Content quality/consistency

3. Community size/engagement.

Five judges will  be the final decision makers and decide our Top Ten Business Blogs of 2014.

Definition: A “business blog” will be defined as any blog with more than one author, that represents one company that sells a product or service.

Conflicts: Blogs that have been worked on by any of the judges can be nominated but those judges cannot comment or vote on those specific blogs.



We have teamed up with five industry thought leaders on blogging, marketing and business who will evaluate the submissions compiled by our Social Fresh Staff.

  • Jay Baer (@JayBaer) President of the social media and content marketing consultancy Convince & Convert
  • Katie Morse (@MissKatieMo) Head of Social Media at Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter
  • Augie Ray (@AugieRay) Customer Experience & Social Business leader, former Forrester analyst & social media lead at USAA, still blogging at ExperienceTheBlog.com
  • Michael Brito (@Britopian) Group Director, Social Strategy at W2O Group
  • Brian Honigman (@BrianHonigman) a marketing consultantfreelance writer and contributing writer to the Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine, the Huffington Post, Forbes, the Next Web, Mashable and others. 


  1. Yes you can nominate your own company’s blog
  2. Yes agency blogs and startup blogs are allowed
  3. Yes you can nominate your client =)
  4. Yes you can nominate more than one blog

Remember, to nominate a blog, please include the blog, company and link in a comment on this blog post before September 12 at 5pm EST.

We look forward to your awesome nominations. May the best blog win!

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