What Is Integrated Customer Relationship Management Software?

Every business has to have a detailed record of customers, and yet many don’t have one. Keeping records can be tedious, time-consuming and expensive especially if you don’t have a proven system in place. Hence, it is suffice to say, that the need for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software is universal. However, not all Customer Relationship Management software can remove all your record-keeping issues, especially if your version of CRM is first generation or outdated.

Years ago, ‘the bad old days of CRM’, you need two separate systems to run your business. One to hold your client data and another one for your accounting data. This means that to keep updated on records, you needed to enter all your data twice. which means twice the costs, twice the work and two times the probability of making costly errors.

Time is the most precious resource, especially in business, “Time is gold”, and just too precious to be wasted on double-handling data. Many systems still hold to the ‘bad old days’ methods but luckily there is a new breed of CRM software. A number of integrated software solutions is now available which have all your important client information, billing and accounting all in just one place. These systems are more than just time-saving devices, they are packaged with functionality to make the most out of each customer contact.

Customer relationship management software integration increases business profitability by helping you cut down on time allocated on processes that normally takes hours or even days to complete. Goes true with those working on two separate applications. Working on two separate systems can be time-consuming, cumbersome, very confusing you just end up losing track on where you last worked on. CRM integration takes care of both your accounting and data management needs so you only have one system to work on. Customer relationship management software integration reduces the time spent on each customer because all your data is housed conveniently in one place and helps you cut time and increase profits by:

1. Making each customer contact more efficient – customer demographic information, sales history, purchasing patterns, correspondences can be viewed with just a few clicks.

2. Marketing plans are directed to the most receptive audiences – based on your business activity and trends, you can strategise your marketing campaigns to be more effective, saving you time and resources spent on expensive marketing materials. And because your campaigns are aimed at the right market, you increase customer acquisition as well.

3. Employees’ tasks and sales are more manageable – CRM allows you to monitor employees and delegate tasks to help you manage the performance of your employees with their customer contacts while staying on top on everything that is going on within your organisation.

When you cut out all the time-consuming data entry and extra administration you can use that saved time to tap into the awesomely profitable features offered by the top CRM systems.

Marketing is where you’ll see the biggest improvement and highest return on investment. Having a CRM package enables you to organise your contacts efficiently. As a result, generating quality leads for your sales team is a lot faster. With CRM, setting clear goals and objectives is easy because you are able to identify, categorise and target your best customers well. With CRM, you can design your marketing campaigns to focus in on this group with pinpoint accuracy. You’ll also be able to determine at a glance if your campaign was a success or total failure with simple to use and fast reporting.

CRM system triggers a domino effect in your business. The moment your marketing improves, your customer relationships improve too. This is why knowing your customers well is important because it helps you identify your best customers. It’s the 80/20 rule. You realise that around 20% of your customers bring in 80% of the profits. Giving these customers exceptional service keeps them coming back for more… Finding out your customers’ weaknesses will further help you bring in more customers.

CRM software not just works as an information powerhouse but serves as the pillar for stronger relationships with clients. And that this clear knowledge of your customer’s needs will ensure your message are targeted and relevant to your market.

This is particularly helpful if you have a diverse range of products for a range of customers. For example if you sell beverages online, don’t go sending your customers who buy premium $400 a bottle whisky letters offering discount Champagne. Most likely, they will not be interested and if you keep sending them irrelevant products they might eventually view you as a nuisance. Instead,consider inviting them to events related to their interests such as whisky-tasting and you’re more likely get positive results. Having all the customer information your staff need at their fingertips empowers them to build stronger relationships between your company and your customers.

Customer relationship management software helps strengthen your relationship with your business partners. This enables information sharing and integrate partners into the system. Allowing business partners to track activity and work to their strengths.

CRM integration has emerged to become the secret weapon of many highly successful businesses. With accounting and data management integration, companies can create an effective marketing plan, improve customer service and increase satisfaction. Just the right elements to increase profitability. Whether your company is small. medium or a large one, choosing to move to CRM integration could be the best business decision you can ever make.

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