Vine introduces Web Profiles

Vine introduces Web Profiles

With more than 40 Million users worldwide, Vine has exploded with a unique mobile-first audience. Today Vine introduces Web profiles bringing the 6-second viewing experience to the desktop.

Web profiles come with a home feed allowing users to like, comment, and share videos just like on mobile. They also released a new mode for users to watch for an extended period of time, TV Mode. TV Mode allows users to watch their Vine videos in fullscreen.

This will be a major step in recruiting more people to get on Vine and stay there longer. I would love to see this move into custom Vine Playlists (which right now you could do on Storify or with Twitter Custom Timelines) especially for brands and premium content creators.

You can see TV Mode in action below:

It happened again… @vineapp is like crack. Where have I been for the last 1.5 hrs. #VineSpaceTimeContinum

— Darin Berntson – Doc (@iGoByDoc) January 2, 2014

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