Using Facebook WiFi to Increase Social Engagement with Customers

Using Facebook WiFi to Increase Social Engagement with Customers

Small businesses need to look at Facebook WiFi. You’ll get more activity on your Facebook business page. It’s good for social engagement and digital marketing. All you need to get started is a router and your smartphone.

What is Facebook WiFi?

It turns your enterprise into a WiFi hot spot if you are offering free WiFi to customers. Prospects check in and businesses share announcements and offers. Small enterprises also get analytics for gender and age. It’s software providing people with free internet too.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Facebook WiFi for Your Business Facebook Page

There are many benefits of offering WiFi and big advantages to providing Facebook WiFi. It connects with your guest network. Here are other reasons this WiFi makes a difference.

1. Provide Free WiFi and Internet Access for Your Customers

Facebook WiFi puts your brand in front of customers for free. It’s convenient for people and increases the traffic to your business.

2. Get More Engagement and Check-Ins on Your Facebook Business Page

Customers check-in when they tag your business. You get access to more followers through their network and friends. These check-ins get your goods in front of potential customers.

Check-ins also display on customer’s news feeds. Those are visible on your Facebook Page and to the customer’s friends. It’s amplified free marketing.

3. Get Discovered by More Customers Using the Find WiFi Feature

Find WiFi is available for Android and iOS. Look for the option under the more tab or the hamburger icon. Small businesses get exposure for their ads and products. Find WiFi shows nearby free WiFi hotspots with addresses.

This is a great way for a company to get people on their Facebook page or in their brick-and-mortar location. Descriptions of your services serve relevant ads. The content and services serve to boost sales.

4. It’s Safer and More Convenient. There’s No Need To Share Passwords.

Businesses want a safer experience with the connection and ISP they use. This tool adds security. Visitors don’t need to ask for a WiFi password. They only need to log in to Facebook where they can then check in with your business.

Here’s another good tip. You’ll need to accept cookies for the WiFi. A notification might say “accept cookies from Facebook on this browser.” Cookies store data safely.

5. Get More Instagram Engagement

Get more business traffic by connecting your business Instagram profile. This allows access to your Facebook WiFi. Visitors can opt-in, follow your business, and get updates. This can help personalize and improve the way clients can connect.

How to Setup Facebook WiFi

Setting up Facebook WiFi is easy. Following are the steps to set this kind of guest portal up.

What you’ll need.

  • A Facebook account and a page. You’ll need to be the admin.
  • Check the settings under Page Info. You need to have an address or location.
  • You’ll need a router for Facebook WiFi supporting both Instagram and Facebook. Scroll down to check access.

Here’s how to connect access points.

  • Set up your routers. Video guides are available by following this link.
  • Next, go to Page Settings to connect your WiFi and business page.
  • Customize your user settings. You can click on the skip check-in link. That stops users from checking into your business before they get a WiFi access. You can use a different authentication type too. Enter the wi fi code instead to get access.

Try testing your Facebook WiFi out. A login screen should pop up when you connect your device.

About Cookies

Facebook tracks users and you can remove cookies from your Facebook page. Go here to review your cookie controls. These are used to verify your account and cookies also personalize content. Look for the browser we use cookies alert. They provide an experience you can review.

They also provide relevant ads and provide marketing to people who have visited your website. Facebook uses cookies to help personalize and improve content.

Which devices support Facebook WiFi?

A user needs to choose compatible routers. Here’s a list users can refer to. And you’ll need a mobile phone.

Is Express WiFi by Facebook free?

No. This isn’t free. But it allows users to connect in different WiFi zones. It is designed to help Internet service providers and mobile network operators grow their WiFi businesses. You can get the app on Google Play. Sign up through a hot spot where you live. You can buy daily, weekly, or monthly data packs. Get more information here.

You’ll need to agree to the cookie policy. Facebook uses cookies to help personalize the advertisements you see. They use these to personalize and improve content as well. It’s important to remember that while cookies improve content and services, they can also track individual browsing histories. Always consider cookie uses and controls options.

Is Express WiFi by Facebook safe?

Yes. They use cookies to help personalize and improve the experience. These provide good security. Cookies also personalize and improve Express WiFi by detecting malware and phishing.

Which countries have Facebook WiFi available?

You can find Facebook WiFi in the following countries and cities.

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