Twitter Killed The Hashtag Star: Social Fresh Insights March 26, 2014

Twitter Killed The Hashtag Star: Social Fresh Insights March 26, 2014

Social Fresh InsightsTwitter is thinking about killing off the hashtag. Or so says Buzzfeed.

Twitter without hashtags would be like Harry Potter without magic (click to tweet).

Ignite Social Media agrees and actually wrote a letter to Twitter on behalf of the hashtag. So they win the internet this week.

Now, let’s get serious… To the insights!

1. The Slippery Slope of Influencer Marketing
Influencer marketing is like a nice glass of Scotch. It can bring a lot of happiness to your brand, but if you drink too much, too fast, or don’t age it well, things can get ugly. Mark Schaefer explains it much better in this smart article. No booze required.

2. What Obama Taught Us About Brand Integration On YouTube
The White House has been reaching out to YouTube influencers lately, and not just between two ferns.

* So Fresh and So Clean Clean
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3. Instagram: Pictures With Faces Are More Popular
Tired of selfies? Stop lying. According to the talented folks over at Georgia Tech, we see selfies on Instagram because they work. Pictures with faces in them, including selfies, get more likes and comments. Click through for other smart stuff G-Tech.

4. Content Marketing Takes Courage
Creating good content is harder than dressing for a Lady Gaga dinner party. The answer to both is simple, have courage. Jay Baer has the details.

5. How To Design A Successful Social Community
Yes, the Like button is important. This is a deep, techy, and long article. But if you are building a community online (or anywhere) this is a must read. Andrew Chen breaks down the three feedback loops that every social network and online community must have to survive and thrive.

6. How To Setup Twitter Custom Timelines In Tweetdeck
Twitter Customer Timelines are new and a little confusing. They are basically just a simple way to curate and publish content from Twitter. And Tweetdeck is a great way to pull them together. A simple and very useful tip from Spider Networking.

7. Facebook Continues Slashing Organic Reach For Pages
The long, slow, death of organic Facebook reach has been something we’ve all seen coming. Facebook will soon be completely pay-to-play. No jokes here, just a sad moment of silence for your PTAT.

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