Trace an SMS Text Message – Fight Right Back!

People are getting harassed every day via SMS senders and marketing/salespeople. They constantly bombard you with nonsense and you would rather be left alone. Not only is this bad enough but to add to insult, your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend could be getting SMS messages or even calls from an unlisted cell phone number. How does that make you feel? I know it has happened to me in the past and I only wish I would have known about this service before.

I’m talking about a reverse cell phone number lookup service. How wonderful, now all you have to do to trace an SMS sender or find out who your significant other is talking to, is just look up the number. You will get back information such as the owner of the cell phone number’s name, address, household member names and cellular network..if you even need the network…who knows.

The beauty of this reverse lookup service is that it’s cheap, convenient and discreet. You can subscribe for a one time use or for a yearly subscription if you really want to delve into an investigation on your husband or wife. How cool is that! You can be your own investigator.

It’s discreet because you can use any computer to access their vast database of cellular number owner information. To be fair, you can get some information via the yellow pages or white pages but this only applies to landline telephone numbers. Since cell phone numbers are kept on a private database, you can expect to pay a fee to access the info.

Get closure, find out who your lover is cheating on you with. It’s only time that you live a wonderful and happy life where you can enjoy everyday and know that you are living for you. If it’s a pesky telemarketer that’s bugging you, find out where they are calling from and report them online. You can’t report them if you don’t know who they are. You will get them to stop sending you SMS’s or calling you…it’s one step closer to freedom.



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