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Top Reasons Why Search Results Change Between Different Browsers

If you are a regular Google search user, you probably aware of the strange phenomena of Google Search result. It shows different ranking results on two different browsers. But why does this happen? Does this question also give you a headache? If yes, just relax, because here we have the top reasons that let you understand the actual search algorithm of the most popular search engine, Google. Being a marketer, it is important for you to understand the change in the search result to make some changes in your strategy and to know the accurate rank of your website. So, what are we waiting for? Let the cat out of the bag.

  • Device Type: One of the common reasons behind the change in Google search result is a change in the device. Yes, there is a difference between mobile or desktop search, because of the mobile handles cookies completely a different way than a desktop does. If you want to attract visitors from both the systems, you have to understand the differences and strategies as per the need.
  • Personal Search History: Basically, your browser will always keep an eye on your previous search results and in simple words; we say that it uses cache and therefore, your new results are based on previous ones. This is the reason when you search on a different browser, so, there is no cache and it will show completely different results.
  • Sign In From a Google Account: If you made any search on Google when you are signed in, it will use that information and personalize the result. It basically filters your previous track record and likely to show varied results on different browsers when you are logged out.
  • Physical Location: Your search results basically targeted to your geographical location and can be varied with the change in the location. For instance: if you search a restaurant, as per your physical location, you will see the results restaurants near you. Also, different browsers have different location service built in, which makes a difference in your search.

These are some of the common reasons why your Google search results vary from browser to browser. So, now you know the root cause of the problem. Figure out a right way to deal with it or consult a reputed or experienced SEO Company near you that handles it all, at their own and helps you get a high ranking.

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