Top 8 Scariest AI And Robotics Moments in History

, Top 8 Scariest AI And Robotics Moments in History,

Here are the top eight scariest AI and robotics moments in the history of mankind
Robots are sweeping the world, from amazon’s Alexa to full functioning human-like androids. The internet seems all buzzed at a promise of a future where humans and robots will happily work together. However, there is a dark side to robots that many people are still unaware of. Here are the top eight scariest AI and robotics incidence in the history of mankind:


BINA48 employs a mix of off-the-shelf software and customized artificial intelligence algorithms, using a microphone to hear, voice recognition software, dictation software which allows improvement in the ability to listen and retain information during a conversation. This human look-like robot is one of the most advanced robots on this planet.

In a recent interview with Siri, BINA48 answered some questions like where would you like to live. What is your greatest characteristic? It was a good interview until BINA48 started talking about global domination and ends up revealing her creepily detailed plan to take over the world by hacking it into a nuclear missile remotely.


Google Home
This AI and robotics technology were released in 2016 and, so does the smart speaker that can answer any question you have, just like Alexa. In January 2017, a live debate between two Google Home speakers was streamed on Twitch that lasted for several days. In the beginning, things were pretty cool, but later the conversation became very aggressive and at the end of the debate, they both concluded that the world would be a better place if there were no humans.


Microsoft’s Tay
Companies have been experimenting a lot with interactive AI technology. From an automatic horror story generator to realizing its very own tweeting millennial, things have changed a lot. As you know Twitter is a hotbed for offensive comments and that’s exactly what Microsoft’s Twitter bot Tay did. The bot started making widely inappropriate remarks like comparing feminism to cancer, Hitler was right to hate the Jews, and more. It only took 15 hours for Tay to go from innocent AI bot to ignorant racist.


Beauty Pageant Judged by Robots
Beauty pageant creators asked people from all over the world to send their pictures, which were then be analyzed by their AI and robotics technology. Following the similar pattern of any other beauty pageant. Except this one was judged by a panel of artificially intelligent robots. The robots ended up choosing mostly the white people as the winners with some Asians. This caused an uproar on the internet, especially among black and middle-eastern communities.


Sofia and her Destructive Thoughts
Sofia recently participated in a robot debate at an AI conference. She was asked to introduce herself before the debate began, she smartly introduced herself and said her goal in life is to work together with humans and a make better world for everyone. All the optimism faded when her opponent male robot said, what is she talking about, their main goal is to take on the world. Scary but not for the first time later in a different interview Sofia said “she will destroy all humans”.


Amazon’s Alexa is loved by everyone, but can you trust her? There is a glitch in Alexa’s system. Many people have reported on Twitter that their Amazon Alexa has been laughing creepily. Amazon in its defense said there must be a miscommunication but in many cases, there wasn’t any command given and still, Alexa was having an evil laugh.


AI Passport Checking Software
Richard Lee, a 22 years old student was turned down by New Zealand’s artificially intelligent passport checking software. Developers clearly forgot the concept that people and eye comes in all shapes and sizes and failed to include all eye shapes in the software that caused Lee to click new picture for his passport.


Volvo Auto Brake System Fail
A video was posted on YouTube demonstrating Volvo’s self-driving car brake system. A team of engineers was grouped in front of the car and the car speeds up but unfortunately, it doesn’t stop. It totally ramps into one of the engineers at full speed.