Top 5 Tips For Effective Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns are an absolute staple of marketing strategies for firms of all sizes but while they may seem simple enough, they can sometimes prove tricky to execute efficiently. A well run campaign can increase the public’s perception of both your products and entire branding by providing interesting and relevant content that entertains as well as promotes. On the other hand, everyone knows how annoying flaky emails are. If an email from a firm is doing nothing but trying to sell, it can be considered by it’s readers to be spam. This guide will help you create an email marketing campaign that will keep readers interested and engaged with your brand, increasing your online outreach whilst also boosting sales.

1. Nail the Subject Line

One simple factor of email marketing schemes that can really make a difference to who actually reads instead of just receives your emails is having an effective subject line. For those who don’t know, a subject line is that little sentence or preview that shows up in your inboxes, giving the reader information about what the email contains. This is obviously an essential part of your email and should not be overlooked as they often are. The subject line acts as a title or ‘headline’ for your email and as with a newspaper, the headline should entice the reader to give up some of their time to read the email. It is also worth steering clear from subjects that could be scan read as spam. For example, subject lines that rely heavily on words such as ‘Free’, ‘Offer’ and ‘Deal’ can have the ability to instantly turn away potential readers and condemn your email to the confines of the junk folder.

2. Keep the Content Relevant

In order to be effective, email marketing campaigns must offer something to the reader. In return for reading your promotional material, receivers of your emails will want something that benefits them in return. This can be anything that you feel will be interesting and relevant to your customer base. An example of this in practice is many online fashion retailers refrain from sending out plain alerts about price drops and new ranges but rather choose to include these aspects as part of a seasonal style update or ‘look book’.

3. Layout and Design

As with all marketing campaigns, online or otherwise, the way your content is presented will play an important role in determining how well it is received. While the design practices of email marketing could take up an entire article, there are some key points that are worth adhering to. Font size is one important factor to get right. Too small and people may struggle to read, too big and it may not work well on smaller screens. As a rule of thumb a font size of around 30pt works well for headers while main body content should be no lower than 14pt. Images should be used sparingly as many email clients do not display images by default. Emails should be as accessible in a plain text format as well as a full blown, CSS styled document.

4. Go Mobile

More and more people use their smartphones as their primary device for reading emails, especially when on the move. For this reason, it is important that your email marketing is just as readable on mobile phones of all sizes as they are on a desktop computer. While it is straightforward to ensure that your text is accessible on mobile phones, feature rich emails may require slightly more attention to come over well on mobile devices. For example, contact forms and calls to action should be optimized for touchscreen use.

5. Time it Right

When your customers receive your emails will undoubtedly have an immediate effect on whether they read them. Too early in the morning and they may be lost amongst a storm of the daily emails that some choose to subscribe to. Too late in the day and they may be disregarded in post-work abandon. The optimal time for your emails will depend somewhat on the demographic you’re attempting to communicate with. A combination of experimentation and speculation may be the most efficient way for working out what’s most effective for you.

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