Top 5 Public Cloud Market Trends in 2021

Top 5 Public Cloud Market Trends in 2021

These emerging public cloud trends are going to transform companies
According to the latest research, the global public cloud market is expected to rise by a CAGR of about 14.6% by 2027. And some of the vital drivers for the growth of the public cloud include the constant digital transformation process across diverse industries, adoption of the internet, and increasing demand for big data consumption. The trends in the public cloud will gain a lot of momentum in the coming days very soon. Let’s look at the top 5 public cloud trends in 2021.


1 Flexible Multi-Cloud Deployments
To achieve a greater degree of redundancy and business consistency, the new multi-cloud players are coming up with cloud deployments less complex and easier to manage. Such as few of the companies are offering services that sit between organizations and the end-users, accelerating traffic and integrating between multiple cloud providers for optimal availability.


2 SaaS Offerings to Boutique-as-a-Service
Software-as-a-Service has developed for about every typical consumer and business use case. Most of the software developers are leveraging infrastructure-as-as-Service and also the platform-as-a-service clouds to create novel solutions to address specific environment and niche requirements of the non-traditional companies. From there most of the consumers and businesses have also been accepting boutique-as-a-service offerings.


3 Increase in the Demand for SMB/Developer Clouds
When we think of cloud vendors, we usually think of Azure, and Google but most of the market share of these giants is increasing and finding itself in going head-to-head with smaller public cloud providers too. This can help in giving a simplified experience and developer-friendly tools.


4 Cloud Security being Vital
The cloud adoption has been increasing day by day among most of the business and enterprise as the cyberattacks have also been going up. This in turn is demanding for a stronger and safer cloud security environment that is safer for sharing information and protecting the data.


5 Usage of Public Cloud in Space
With the help of AI and edge computing, the cloud is being designed to help international scientists and researchers on space missions.  Public cloud can be accessible in the most remote places beyond 4G/5G/LTE which can aid the researchers.