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Top 5 Negative Organic Search Factors

Everybody is jumping on the Search engine optimization bandwagon these days. With the cost of pay per click advertising going through the roof as the competition intensifies, many corporations are looking at Organic search as a way to diversify and reduce their overall cost per action. SEO is certainly not for free, but it is very effective in driving thousands of leads to a site, if done right.
Many folks spends hours a day to optimize their campaigns for Google and Yahoo by improving their title tags, and writing better content, but unless you know about the top negative organic search factors, you are not going to be able to avoid the pitfalls in the way.
Here are the top 5 negative search engine ranking factors:

1. Duplicate Title/Meta Tags: many folks use content manage systems that do not create optimized title and meta tags for each page. You should always try to keep you tags unique per page. Duplicate tags are the best way to end up in the supplementary index (the one people usually don’t see).

2. Duplicate Content: using duplicate content on your web page tells search engines that you have really no new value to add for your audience. So you shouldn’t be surprised if search-engines try to penalize you for using other people’s content on your site.

3. Linking to Banner Farms: linking to a site is similar to giving it a vote of confidence. If you link to a spam or link farm, you are going to lose your credibility with search engines. Always try to avoid linking to any site you don’t know or trust.

4. Selling Links: Google, specifically, hates folks who try to get unfair competitive advantage over their rivals and manipulate search results. Buying and selling links used to work for a while, but selling can get you penalized these days. Buyers are less likely to be penalized, but there have been cases that serial buyers have had their paid links discounted by engines.

5. Server errors: you should always try to adopt a hosting plan that is reliable and comes with 99.9% up-time. You simply can’t afford to have your site being down when Google agents come to go through your pages. That simply gets you penalized, and it may take a long time to get your ranking back.

Google and other engines are all about providing quality search results to searchers. You simply make them look bad by making the above mistakes. Focus on quality and value for your audience, and your organic results will come.

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