The Power of Online Marketing

The great thing about marketing is the fact that it is all based on creativity. The more creative you are, the better response you will receive. And while tailoring messages and content, make sure that you are leaving room, plenty of room, to engage and interact with the recipient. What is the purpose of sending a message out, if in return you receive NO response? While putting your marketing message together, or if you hire someone to do it for you, make sure that there is always a call-to-action, a question… a hook that will encourage recipients to respond back which will open the line of communications between you and them.

Here are few methods to get your prospects engaged:

Include a Call-to-Action such as “Call now for your free kit!” and make sure someone is available and ready to pick up the phone. Remember, you only get one chance to get your target market to respond to your messages. So be ready to help!

Conduct polls and surveys: educational, instructional, humorous… whichever way you decide to go, make sure that the content is appealing enough to the recipient and do share live results… people love to see numbers!

Put together an Educational/Informative Video; we all love putting a face on the name/business. Provide useful information that would add value to the recipient’s day and teach them one or two new things. Allow recipients to share while commenting on your post as well.

The point here is to always ask a question at the end, so you can get the other party to engage with you by responding. Come up with something creative that would induce a reply while helping you build on your target database and appeal to their needs.

That being said, nowadays, you can put at your service a large spectrum of tools to leverage your marketing messages. There are multiple tools out there to support your needs. You probably know what I am referring to: SOCIAL NETWORKS; and I am definitely not talking about only technology or what you had for lunch; and definitely not about wasting time!

While creating a major shift in messaging and communication, social networks are literarily changing the way we see the world. Social networks are about building a global network while having access to instant information and exposing your message to viral growth. Such a tool can drastically create an increase in your access to information while handing you the power to create opportunities on a global level, therefore increasing your reach and exposure… creating MORE SALES! Keep in mind though that social networking is a two-way street. You need to engage in the conversation and be part of it.

Here are few of the social networking benefits:

– Lead Generation
– Targeted Messages and Advertising
– Higher Ranking with Search Engine Optimization
– Two-way conversation
– Ability to listen and monitor

A good way to approach social networks is to present them as an integrated part of your existing strategy. Reach out to prospects, influence decision-makers and spread the word about your brand. Keep in mind though that using one tool, alone, might prove to be unsuccessful. A perfect example is the online marketing presence that Starbucks had created – a joint effort and a bundle of different tools and strategies all geared towards the success of one brand.

Ranging from micro-online-communities to global-online-communities, Social Networks offer a diversity while helping companies to expand their market reach through market research, brand affiliation and lead generation.

So I would encourage you to get out there, build your brand and grow your customer base. It is all in your hands to increase web traffic, generate Word-of-Mouth campaigns, and boost revenue through sales.

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