Social Fresh Insights, March 19 2014

Social Fresh Insights, March 19 2014

Social Fresh InsightsThe parties and networking and general chaotic circus of SXSW is both amazing and terrifying. The good news is the event got a little smaller this year. So maybe it is cool again and we can all go back next year? =)

Consider the below insights your social media secret menu. And if yes if you want to tweet about it to everyone, we don’t mind.

To the insights!

1. New Data Suggests Teens Are Not Fleeing Facebook
Facebook is the plumbing of the internet according to Tom Webster. And like plumbing, Facebook may not be ‘cool’ to teens, but they certainly use it quite a bit anyways. Tom Webster consults the real numbers behind Facebook’s teen quitters and finds a very stable young user base on the platform.

2. 3 Google Analytics Features You Need To Turn On
You know how KFC and other fast food spots have a secret menu? No, Google Analytics is not looking for new ways to feed you unhealthy calories, but they do have a secret menu of their own. Great tips from Chris Penn, as usual.

* Palm Trees, 500 Top Social Marketers and Freshness
We quietly opened ticket sales for Social Fresh EAST 2014 this week. Meet me at the Omni Orlando Resort on July 17-18? Get a ticket this week and I will call you personally to say hello.

3. 10 Strategies To Battle Content Shock
Does it feel like everyone you know has their own podcast, blog, and Instagram brand partnership deal? It isn’t just you. Content marketing is well past saturation and zeroing in on drenched. Mark Schaefer gives you 10 very useful tips for how to stand out in a very crowded internet.

4. How to Use Nostalgia to Tell Your Social Media Story
Warm and fuzzy feelings? Check. Retro style points? Check. Stealing Mad Men’s buzz to help yourself? Why not. Nostalgia has some real emotional power. Is your business leveraging it?

5. Vanity Metrics May Be A Necessary Evil
Yes, you really want to show up to that job interview with your Converse and Zuckerberg-endorsed hoodie on. And yes, you wear a suit instead. Vanity is sometimes a necessary evil, even in PR and social media. Check out some smart thoughts on vanity metrics from Gini Dietrich.

6. Social Giant HootSuite Buys uberVU, What Does It Mean?
HootSuite has close to 9 million users. They also have close to 500 employees now. When HootSuite decides to seriously go after the enterprise, which is what this acquisition means, everyone in the industry should pay attention.

7. 4 Networks Making Their Mark With College Students
It’s tough keeping up with the kids. Staying savage… or fetch… or swag (or whatever the current word is for ‘cool’ is today) is tough for a business to stay up on. Likeable Media lays out four social networks that can help your cause in this useful piece.

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