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Reverse Cell Lookups Claiming To Be Free Are Giving You The Runaround

I apologize for sounding a little bit harsh, but if you’ve tried to do a search for ‘reverse cell lookup’ you’ll know what I mean.

Despite the search results you get presented with offering ‘free reverse cell phone look ups’ or ‘free phone searches’ you end up being taken through several pages only to find yourself after much run-around, ending up on a sales page requiring payment for the information you need.

All the ‘free this’ and ‘free that’ are just lures to get you in, hoping that you’ll end up either paying for the search out of frustration, or at least clicking on an advertisement somewhere on the website which gives the website owner some sort of monetary compensation.

It’s the same for the organic (natural) search results and the ‘sponsored’ (paid) search results which run down the right hand side column of the search result pages.

Is a reverse cell lookup really free?

Well, click on any of the results I’ve mentioned above and you’ll see. Not one of them will provide you with the information you require without sending you through hoops, and without you needing to get your credit card out eventually.

The only exception to this is if the cell phone owner puts their cell phone number on a web page somewhere which gets indexed by the search engines. A simple exact phrase search (i.e. search for the number using quotation marks around it like “123-456-7890”) using variations of the phone number format may give a result.

The chances of finding the information you need however is minuscule.

What about reverse phone lookups for landlines?

Yes, admittedly there are some services which do provide free reverse landline phone searches, however trying to find them is like looking for a very small needle in a very large haystack. Even when you do manage to find one the coverage is very small, meaning that only a small fraction of reverse landline phone numbers are available.

What type of reverse phone lookup is available?

For example, businesses such as retail outlets and restaurants which may want their identity to be made available through a reverse number lookup would be listed and that’s provided the carrier offers such an option in the first place. There lies the crunch, very few carriers offer it, and even then not many businesses are prepared to pay.

So, for a free reverse landline lookup to work, the carrier must firstly offer the service, and secondly the customer must pay for the service as an additional optional payment package. You can see why the result for landlines would be very small, and for cell phones practically non-existent.

How is a reverse cell lookup made available?

Fortunately there are companies which consolidate the data from both the landline phone carriers and cell phone carriers and make that information available to the masses. However, for each and every search through them they must pay the carriers a fee.

That fee, plus their own costs, plus an administration fee (read profit margin) is tallied up and passed onto the final customer, which is no different to any service offered in any industry.

Like any company in any industry, those companies which are able to negotiate the lowest prices from the carriers and reduce their own operating costs to the minimum (without compromising quality) are the ones which can offer the lowest price to the end user, and so grab the largest market share.

Why aren’t free reverse cell lookups also available?

We’ve already established that only a handful of landline carriers offer their customers a paid option to have their phone numbers made available for reverse phone lookup. For cell phone carriers this option is not yet available, and even if it was, would you as an individual pay an additional fee to your provider to have your cell number available for reverse lookup? I certainly wouldn’t.

Until such time that cell phone carriers provide their customers’ numbers freely to the data consolidators, which in turn pass access to that data freely to the searchers, then free cell lookups will not be available. Furthermore the law of economics would prohibit this ever happening as no company in this process would be able to profit from the transaction.

Paid reverse cell lookups are the only genuine option.

If you need to do a reverse cell lookup then save yourself a lot of time and frustration by using one of the few legitimate reverse number search providers. Those are the companies which have negotiated deals with all the cellular phone carriers, invested in the hardware and software necessary to compile and consolidate the data from all the various sources and present it to you quickly and efficiently.

Be prepared to pay a fee for it though. The best option is to use one of the membership sites where you pay a fee for a one year membership. The fees are more like credits which you use against searches that you make. Once you’ve used up your ‘free’ credits you need to pay for further searches.

Other benefits of genuine reverse cell lookup services.

The benefits are that the credits which you get with your membership, or the additional credits you purchase can be used any many kinds of searches, not just reverse phone look ups. This includes comprehensive background reports, criminal records checks, public records searches (like birth and death records), reverse address and email lookups and many many more.

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of information is out there on you, then these are the places to look. Expecting a promotion? Going for an interview? Make sure you know what records there are on you so if you get queried on it you’ll have a response ready.

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