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Pinterest launches Article Pins to target readers

Five million articles are pinned each and every day, according to Pinterest. This segment of readers has never really been targeted by the site known for its glamour shots of food, fashion and crafts. That changes today with the introduction of Article Pins, as revealed in a blog post published on the company’s website.

Article pins join movie, recipe, and product pins as part of the Rich Pin family. Articles will now have more information right on the pin, specifically the headline, author, story description and link.

It has been a busy month for Pinterest. After rolling out their announcement of promoted pins last week, this week’s announcement puts them in a position to go after more users of sites like Pocket or Instapaper who like to save articles for later reading. To drum up excitement, a star-studded list of pinners are named in the post including Arianna Huffington, Alyssa Milano, Dr. Oz, Queen Latifah and CBS travel editor Peter Greenberg.

How to get Rich Pins
As a marketer, this now offers new opportunities to keep users interacting with article content on sites longer. While Infographics have been wildly successful on Pinterest, the addition of article pins will open up article sharing by a number of new publishing sources. Adding article pin tags to your sites can allow your blogs, releases or article content to last longer and get shared to an even wider net than before on Pinterest.

Simply put, we have come a long way from simply pinning a headline and a photo.

If you’re a business on Pinterest, here’s how to start using rich article pins

Decide whether you want to implement article, product, recipe or movie rich pins
Read the developer documentation for the type of pin you chose
Add the appropriate metatags to your site
Validate your rich pins, then apply to get them on Pinterest

While this sounds really simple listed as 4 steps, you may want to ask your developer to set this up for you.


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