Optimal Landing Pages To Achieve Conversions

In my experiences years back I was always searching for ways in which I could monetize my website’s landing pages. I was selling dog training e-books and instructional videos. I believed I had the secret to finding website traffic by purchasing it, which was another mistake, but once I had a flow of traffic, the harder I tried I continually failed in achieving conversions and sales.

Then I stopped and thought hard about what I was doing. I was constantly sending new visitors to my website with no clear direction in mind. I was simply trying to pitch my products for sale to brand new visitors before even getting to know who they really were. In my case I was expecting an abundance of immediate conversions and money to come flooding into my account, however I was wasting precious targeted visitors through my lack of understanding the fundamentals of marketing my website. This is a very hard lesson I learnt over a period of a few years, across several different websites. And of course, this may seem obvious to you, but it’s now so apparent to me that so many webmasters have no idea of how to control their visitors and haven’t really learnt to master the art of marketing their products or services.

The very best thing you can do with your landing page is to have a lead capture form or a strong call to action. In this way you have one of two options:

1) You can direct the visitor to enter their name and email address for your records which will enable you to build a big client list

2) You can call to action them to register for a service, sign up or visit another page.

As in point 1, the reason you should have a lead capture form is to build a big email list of clients, otherwise once they leave the website, they will rarely come back again. An email list allows you to send them information which may be very useful and answer their reasons for visiting your site. It also may allow you the opportunity to market different products to them in the future.

It is very important to build as close a relationship as possible with your visitor. What I mean by this is trying to understand the reasons for which they arrived at your site. If you can be in the very position to offer your visitor exactly what they’re looking for then you are in an excellent position to control what action they may take next.

The use of emotions in your landing page has statistically proven successful in marketing. Building that bond and special reason why your product or service is so important will go a long way to your success.
The feel, felt, found method works quite well. For instance: “I know how you feel to have shoe soles that come away or having worn shoes. I was wearing a pair of shoes one night with a strap on the left one that came apart. It felt awful and embarrassing. Then I found these great shoes with a warranty that really make me feel good wearing them and people even comment on them.”

Since my earlier days with websites I have now realised where my failures lied. I now have several websites which are performing very well and effective conversions are now much easier. I have developed an interest in MLM businesses and network marketing. However, it’s the marketing of those online businesses through websites which interests me the most.

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