Nuro’s Artificial Intelligence Strategy on R2, A Self-Driving Car

Nuro’s Artificial Intelligence Strategy on R2, A Self-Driving Car

Nuro is an Artificial Intelligence-based startup that creates self-driving cars, named R2.
Jiajun Zhu and Dave Ferguson established Nuro, an American robotics artificial intelligence (AI) based startup located in Mountain View, California. Nuro is a company that creates self-driving delivery cars using artificial intelligence (AI). The cars are built to transport cargo rather than people. R2, the company’s second-generation self-driving car, is built without a steering wheel, side view mirrors, or pedals.


R2 – A Self Driving Car
Nuro’s R2, created in collaboration with Roush Enterprises of Livonia, Michigan, expands on the company’s R1 concept for electric container vehicles that transport and distribute goods. The R2 joined the fleet of Toyota Priuses used by Nuro for autonomous vehicle testing in 2020.

The R2 is a substantial improvement over the R1, weighing nearly twice as much at 1150 kg against 680 kg for the R1 and capable of carrying up to 190 kg of cargo (418 lbs.). The R2 is marketed as an SAE level 4 vehicle (highly automated). According to Nuro, the R2’s ADS must be exposed to new driving conditions since it depends on powerful machine learning to increase its degree of safety.

Nuro’s existing testing procedures have consisted of autonomously driving its FMVSS-compliant vehicles on public roads while testing the R2X on its private test track. Nuro said that this testing resulted in continuous increases in the ADS’s driving performance, but that its existing track-based research and testing procedures would provide no further safety benefits.

Nuro’s vehicle is a self-driving, on-road vehicle that transports products swiftly, safely, and inexpensively. You can acquire anything at any time and from any location. Our car can manage a wide range of errands thanks to its adaptable interior design. The car has been built from the bottom up to keep what’s outside even safer than what’s inside, with no driver or passengers to worry about. It’s efficient, electric, and self-contained, and it meets everyone’s basic needs at a reasonable cost.

Nuro has made significant progress and is a market leader in autonomous driving technology, especially in terms of enabling technologies. Even though the California DMV has hundreds of permit holders for testing autonomous cars, the latest exception and Nuro’s licensing of its software to other companies, such as an autonomous truck company.