New Twitter Look. Take 17: Social Fresh Insights April 10, 2014

New Twitter Look. Take 17: Social Fresh Insights April 10, 2014

Social Fresh Insights

This week Twitter has rolled out new profile designs.


Twitter has had more facelifts than a Joan Rivers documentary. (Tweet This)

Word on the street is that profile images are now 400×400 pixels and the new header images are 1500×500 pixels. So get your art department (or your hacker nephew) working on those new branding packages, stat!

You know what time it is. To the insights!

1. Your Facebook Reach Sucks Because, Math
More businesses are joining Facebook. They are creating more content. And we, the collective Facebook user base, are liking more pages all the time. It turns out that as competition for the news feed increases, the average page will reach fewer and fewer users. #MathThatSucks

2. Facebook Ad Prices On The Rise
According to Dan Slagen and Facebook Ad shop Nanigans, their client base saw a 10% increase in ad prices over the last 2 quarters. Maybe you could buy some $FB stock to balance it out? #NotAFinancialPlanner

3. Elon Musk Is Smarter Than You, Even When He Uses Animated Gifs
Musk was literally one of the people Iron Man writers were inspired by when writing Tony Stark’s character for the Iron Man movies. He is a self-taught rocket scientist after all. It turns out, he is also wildly successful on Tumblr too. Sigh.

* All The Cool Kids Are Doing It
A few of the companies attending the next Social Fresh Conference in Orlando this July 17-18 include… Omni Hotels, Harvard University,, Logitech, Sonny’s BBQ, Allstate, University of Maryland, Fox, Hilton, Spotify, and dozens of others. Reserve your ticket.

4. How 122-Year-Old General Electric Is Killing It on Social Media 
GE makes stuff. They make engines and microwaves and probably very soon, personal robot butlers. Just trust me on that last one, OK? They also make a lot of killer content across all their social channels as one of the top B2B brands in social.

5. How to Measure the Success of Your Social Sweepstakes
Sweepstakes are still cool. Measuring them has never really been cool. But if your boss insists on it, Convince & Convert has a handy guide here.

6. The Definitive Guide To Live Tweeting
Corey Smock from Likeable Media pulled together a short and super helpful primer for anyone looking to live-tweet an event.

7. 5 Best Tumblrs By Agency Creatives
It’s always nice to curl up with a good Tumblr (or 5) to relax. Here are a few agency inspired ones from Digiday.

Go forth and prosper.


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