Review of Marketing Funnel Mastery – Mike Klingler’s Opus?

Mike Klingler has created Marketing Funnel Mastery to help struggling internet entrepreneurs to actually create a sustainable cash flow from their network marketing businesses. What a concept! Isn’t that the holy grail for anyone working hard to succeed in their business?

Optimize Cash-Flow Structure

Using a funded proposal model, Mike has identified several areas that cause marketers to work ten times harder for ten times less money than successful marketers. If you’ve tried any of the funded proposal systems on the market today (including Renegade Professional and Magnetic Sponsoring), then you already know the first major hurdle you reach when one of your new prospects opts in to one of these systems. Your brand new lead is ‘building a relationship’ with Mike Klingler, Ann Sieg and Mike Dillard, and not with you!

It’s critical that the prospect you attracted via advertising or content marketing is being exposed to you and what you have to offer. It’s time to stop funneling your prospects to the experts. Mike believes that everyone should be branding themselves to their new prospect. By establishing yourself as a leader in your enterprise, your potential business partner will have the proper mindset and relationship straight from the start.

And instead of your traditional sales funnel, Mike has defined his marketing (cash-flow) funnel and shows the progression from the initial free and low-price offers to the potential multiple back-end offers that you can make available to all of your leads. The idea is to map out and have a crystal clear picture of the entire process. And Marketing Funnel Mastery will walk you through the entire process. Your funnel should be designed to maximize the value that you give to your new lead, as well as the cash flow you receive.

Create Sweetspots

Mike teaches how to create your own low-end product, and he says that it’s easier than you might think. The biggest challenge will be to create something that provides value. He helps you to clarify your vision of your cash-flow funnel. He spends considerable time re-visiting and refining your vision of your funnel, which must provide a structure for your cash-flow blueprint.

A big part of developing your funnel will be to determine where the sweet spots are throughout the system. A sweet spot is where the value that you give is rewarded by maximum cash flow.

One of the reasons the time spent on developing your funnel is so critical is because you want to make sure that the whole process – from beginning to end – all fits and flows together. You will be creating a map or a blueprint that will give structure to the long-term view of your business and your cash flow.

Goal of Marketing Funnel Mastery

Mike has a history of being extremely detailed (sometimes excruciatingly detailed). But this should serve you well if you choose to go through the Marketing Funnel Mastery training. Highly detailed blueprints, when followed, should produce exceptional results for you.

Your goal should be to create an integrated system that identifies everything from what you will offer to generate your leads, to how you will generate cash flow from your leads – and everything in between.

Who needs a sales funnel when you can have a marketing (cash flow) funnel?

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