MAILBOX: Mandatory vaccination and similar policies spells the return of fascism

, MAILBOX: Mandatory vaccination and similar policies spells the return of fascism,

Mandatory vaccination, vaccine passports and now the imposition of penalties upon those who choose to retain their right not to get vaccinated have all – what feels like very suddenly – become very controversial issues that are afflicting our reality. Whether or not someone agrees with these notions is peripheral to the fact that – for the majority of people – the world we now live in ‘could never have been believable even two years ago.’ In this article by BizNews community member Greg Stewart, the progressive curtailment of our human liberties seen pursuant to the emergence of Covid-19 is likened to the rise of fascism. Stewart points out the dystopian nature of our reality – a world which so many people have either embraced or allowed to happen due to the incremental ways in which it has been established. There is a real concern that mandatory vaccination and other such policies will create a two-tier society – a division described by Stewart as being between ‘the new “Elite Arian” group who are superior and that feel it is within their power to dictate the freedoms of the dreaded and deadly “Anti Vaxxers”.’ – Nadya Swart 

The astounding rise of fascism 

By Greg Stewart

The following quote from a seemingly rational member of our society in BN yesterday, should worry the hell out of anyone who believes in the founding principles of our constitutional democracy; “If you do not want to be vaccinated that is your decision. But there must be consequences for making that decision.”

It is no surprise that the ongoing worldwide destabilisation of economies, communities and established principles of society is creating a lot of unease and anxiety. The stresses we face today are similar to a war environment in that businesses, social activities, gatherings and events as well as normal recreational activities have been reduced, restricted or removed.

In the middle of all of this turmoil, we are seeing a response that is hard to fathom and yet we have seen it before – the rise of fascism. 

Definition of fascism (Webster): a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascist) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralised autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition or a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control.

It is as if we have lost our foundation, lost our belief in freedom and the rule of democratic law and principals, driven by an incomprehensible deluge of media hype around a disease that no-one has even isolated in a laboratory yet and that by all believable data seems not to have altered the average world death rate by any significant means.

The desire expressed by many was to try “get back to our normal again” and initially was expressed by “doing the right thing” by staying at home, locking ourselves in, in unsubstantiated quarantine and by wearing face masks that erased our identities and by social distancing and working from home and keeping our children away from their lives and education and accepting the loss of most of our constitutionally given freedoms.

When this, predictably, did not change the course of things was the point at which this innocuous creeping fascist agenda started to take control of seemingly sensible and well balanced people. Governments, for the first time in decades, were thriving in a world of unfettered power and authority, while society for the most part simply accepted restrictions and curtailment of their liberties in the hope of having life normalised again.

Why would governments not want this to continue? They were handed the opportunity to change and alter things at will with no or little opposition? Their followers and disciples now have a new target to direct their anger and frustration on and again the media is helping drive this awful and fascist behaviour. Every radio & TV channel and major social media or news publication is guilty of pushing this fascist agenda that is dividing our society.

The vaccinated have to a large extent now become the new “Elite Arian” group who are superior and that feel it is within their power to dictate the freedoms of the dreaded and deadly “Anti Vaxxers”.

Even those who are open to allowing people to retain their constitutionally enshrined right to make medical choices on an experimental therapeutic range for themselves, are still helping push this agenda by not speaking up and waving their virtue signalling “I just got vaccinated” flag, while the extremist “Anti Anti Vaxxist” – in an effort to reclaim a false sense of normalcy and power – are demanding government and society curtail democratic freedoms irrespective of whether it is legally, medically or morally correct.

We now live in a world that could never have been believable even two years ago. 

A world where children in Australia are being dragged away from parents to be forcibly vaccinated and where grandparents are being shamed by their own children on social media and told they cannot visit their grandkids unless they are vaccinated. Where medical professionals are being fired without cause and where people are even being told that they cannot go shop for groceries or go to work and where families and friendships are being ripped apart – all because some in society are holding on to their rightful choice to not be forced to take an experimental vaccine that has not been proven to have long-term safety or efficacy, and as more data comes to light, does not even guarantee short-term safety against infection or death or infectious transfer to others, as recently has been demonstrated in countries such as Israel and the UK.

As a society we should be very afraid of such a “Medical Fascist world” – one where an unfettered government and those who are happy to lose their freedom for false hope are allowed to dictate and control every aspect of our lives, by force or by coercion.

  • Greg Stewart is a writer and former publisher of The Citizen.

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