Key Resume Modifications Can Improve Your Chances of Getting a Web Developer Job

The IT (Information Technology) field is an exciting field to work in, especially in the area of Web Development. There are many computer languages to program with but the ones that stand out are Microsoft Visual Studio.Net which includes C# and Visual Basic (VB.Net). PHP/MySQL, Cold Fusion, Perl/CGI is also popular Web languages.

I have been a Web Developer for over 15 years and have enjoyed every minute of it and wonder why more people don’t get into it. The average programmer came make very good money depending on experience and what part of the country you live in. Yearly income can go as high as six figures and the average salary ranges from about 60 to 80k or more. Job security is another factor that stands out as compared to other fields, which make it relatively stable. One major reason I decided to write this article is to pass on information I have learned over the years. I want to provide information that might help someone out there struggling with their resume and need some help in knowing how to gear it to the Web Development position you are applying for.

I want to give some key information you can add to your resume that have worked for me in getting my last Web Development jobs. First I want to tell you that I received five job offers between 2007 and 2009 and I was not necessarily looking for a programming job. I’ll discuss this further below but this just goes to show that my experience was in high demand for the companies viewing my resume and eventually brought me in for an interview, which resulted in me getting hired. Some of the tips I’m providing below might sound unreasonable or hard to achieve but anything worth wild is going to take some work. Hang in there and set specific goals to achieve and go for it. The following tips below are actual section headings I have listed on my resume:

1. Education – The first thing that most companies like to see is a degree listed on your resume whether it’s an associate or bachelor but primarily a bachelors degree. A major or minor in Computer Science or Related degree if preferable.

2. Career Summary – You need to write a nice summary of your overall experience along with the total years worked in the field. Here is a quick example of how to start the wording: “Over 15 years of Web Development experience in the field of Computer Information Systems”.

3. Operating Systems/Hardware Platforms – You should list the Operating Systems and Hardware Platforms you have worked with previously.

4. Languages – Add any programming languages you have experience with and make sure to add the ones that match the development job you are applying for.

5. Employment History/Experience – List your job experience with the most current jobs listed first. Make sure you gear your experience toward the job you are applying for which will get the hiring manager’s attention the more your experience matches what the company is looking for. You should be truthfully about your experience in gearing it toward the job you are applying for.

6. Security Clearance – Make sure to add the security clearance if you have one and whether it is active or not. This will be a plus if the programming job requires one.

7. Awards – List any awards or special recognition you received through out your career which will be a plus to the hiring manager.

8. References – Make sure to add this section and specify the references will be furnished upon request. Your references can be added on the company application.

9. You need to also add your name (main heading) center at the very top of the resume and your home and or cell phone (sub heading) right under your name positioned to the left side of the page. The main heading, sub heading and section headings should all be in bold print.

You might wonder why I didn’t recommend adding any type certifications that you might have. You should add or include any certification on your resume, which will be plus in getting an interview. The reasons I didn’t list a heading for certifications above is because I didn’t have any but have successfully gotten Web Development job without it.

Remember I said I would discuss the job offers I received, well one additional reason for me getting the interviews and offers I mentioned was that I place my resume on the Monster ( and Career Builder ( websites. These are popular websites where managers from high tech companies are constantly looking to hire Web Developers and Computer Programmers. They are always searching for qualified people. You should check out the websites and once you complete your resume place it on both web sites.

The categories and tips I listed above are on my resume and I have used them for years and had great success. Acquiring lots of experience as a Web Developer will come over time but be truthful and add information and experience to your resume that will be geared toward the job you are applying for. Good luck in your job searches.

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