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Instagram Video update allows brands and publishers to upload custom content

The battle for short form video just kicked up a notch as one of the most requested features finally arrives to Instagram, upload from library.

Today’s update is a huge improvement to Instagram Video and further distances itself from Vine (Vine doesn’t currently offer this feature) because it makes it easier for top tier publishers/media companies and advertisers to upload custom content.

Recent data from Mashable and Simply Measured data found that twice as many Top 100 brands are using Instagram Video vs Vine. Expect to see this number skyrocket.

Instagram already has a built-in audience with 130 million monthly active users who have uploaded 16 Billion photos, liking 1 Billion Photos a day. Brands don’t have to recruit new followers from the ground up and there is the added benefit of being both a mobile and web platform. People actually sit on Instagram to consume meaningful photos and videos.

Here’s a summary of the new updates from the Instagram Blog:

Import Video from Library
You can now upload videos from your phone’s library and share them to Instagram whenever you want, and even crop and trim them down.

Automatic Straightening for iOS
A new straightening tool allows users to have perfect sunsets or horizons. Simply tap the straighten icon inside the app to level it right out.



As with all new platforms, there will be a learning curve. I hope that National Geographic takes advantage of this. I know Red Bull will. I also know we will see some really ugly Instagram Video Ads, but with the thousands of mobile photo and video editing apps available, hopefully the creativity will rise to the top.

What do you think about this new ability to upload your own custom content on Instagram? Will you be creating more ads for your brand?

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