How To Identify Your Ideal Customer

The fact is about 20% of all your customers will generate 80% of your income. That is because the other 80% aren’t totally in line with your ideal customer.

There is a way to improve your income exponentially, and that’s by hyper-focusing on your ideal customer so that you can attract more ideal customers and fewer who aren’t ideal.

1. What Benefits Does Your Product or Service Offer?

Make a list of all the benefits that your product or service has. When you are thinking like your customer, you will always think about “what’s in it for me?” Your customer wants to know why they should use that product.

2. Identify Pain Points That You Can Solve

What sort of pain points does your product or service solve? Does it free up time? Does it end boredom?

3. Determine Who Needs These Issues Solved

Once you’ve gathered a list of benefits your product offers and pain points that your product solves, you need to figure out who needs those benefits and has those pain points.

4. Determine Your Customers’ Potential Characteristics

Once you have a list of those who might benefit from your product or service, you can make a list of demographics and other factors that people in that group share.

5. Determine Your Customers’ Behavior

Find ways to research the list of people you made above so that you can get a better idea of the type of behavior your target audience displays.

6. What Career Does Your Ideal Customer Have?

Can you determine what type of career your ideal client has from the information you’ve gathered above?

7. What Price Point Can They Afford?

Once you know what type of career your ideal client has, you can also determine a fair price point for your product or service based on what they can afford to pay and the value of your offering.

8. Test Your Assumptions

Once you have a fair idea of who your ideal client is, you can test your assumptions by identifying some influencers within your audience and asking them to try your product or service.

9. Repeat

Take the answers you get from the information above and the test and improve upon your offerings so that you can truly please your ideal customer.

Using the information learned from all of the above actions, you can truly focus your marketing efforts toward your ideal client. In addition, you can use the information to retain the right customers in order to take advantage of repeat customers and a high level of customer satisfaction.

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