How Nicki Minaj leveraged social media to sell 25k units of perfume overnight

How Nicki Minaj leveraged social media to sell 25k units of perfume overnight

When A-List celebrities invest time into building massive online communities, it only makes since for them to find ways to creatively share their art, products and services with them, right? After all, they’re more than entertainers – they’re brands.

One celebrity who truly believes in this approach is Nicki Minaj. The 31-year-old pop icon partnered with HSN to release an exclusive fragrance for her self-entitled perfume line. Originally, the fragrance was only going to be available for one day but due to an overwhelming amount of purchases and social chatter, they extended the offer an extra day.

The program itself was 1-hour long, both days. Along with Nicki Minaj, hosts Colleen Lopez and Callie Northagen, spent a great deal of the broadcast driving social chatter. #NickiAtHSN was the official hashtag and Nicki promoted it before and often during the live airing.


During my MTV days, one of our biggest social marketing executions would be for talent to throw to a hashtag on-air. It would always surprise us how fast the hashtag would start trending worldwide after this tactic so I totally get why HSN and Nicki pushed for it.


Reading and responding to tweets in real time was also a pretty strong on-air integration tactic that helped to drive sales. Leading up to the broadcast, Nicki shared promotional images with her 18M Twitter followers and her 6M Instagram followers. This led to the hashtag trending worldwide for the majority of the day, during each broadcast.


Nicki’s HSN partnership, similar to Jay-Z’s teamwork with Samsung and Beyonce’s exclusive deal with H&M shows that the young entertainer understands how to use her gifts to bring in serious revenue. She knew her social reach would allow her to drive sales in real time.


The first day she sold out of the 9k bottles that were available so she returned for a second day to sell another 16k (25k in total). Nuts!

Each bottle was sold at $59.50.

That’s $1.4M she made in two days.

Rewind: That’s $1.4M she made in two days from perfume.

I can’t wait to see how this model continues to unfold.

Have you seen any other celebrities use their social following to creatively drive sales of one of their initiatives? 

See more beauty products like this here at HSN.

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