How my Blog Helped me Meet Princesses, Talk to Billionaires, and Make A Few Million Bucks

, How my Blog Helped me Meet Princesses, Talk to Billionaires, and Make A Few Million Bucks,

, How my Blog Helped me Meet Princesses, Talk to Billionaires, and Make A Few Million Bucks,

Editor’s note: When I first started the Social Fresh blog, Chris Brogan had already been blogging for years, and making money at it. So I asked Chris if he would give me his base level tips for how to use a blog to actually help make money for your business.

His tips are below. I highly recommend you implement them for your business today.


Blogging is dead. We all know that. We know because people tell us this every few weeks. Sometimes, when Facebook lets you see a post that someone didn’t pay to promote, you’ll see it there.

“I’ve quit blogging. Everything Facebook!” Awesome. That is, unless you want to be successful in business via social media tools and outlets.

Tip #1. Your Blog Is Your Home Base

Your primary tool in the digital business space is a blog. And by this, I mean that you should:

A. Use WordPress to power your primary website (even if the front page of that isn’t a blog)

B. Keep a blog running as a resource to those prospects who maybe haven’t chosen to buy yet or who want to know more about what they can do with you in between sales.

A blog is a super powerful tool.

As I said in the headline, posts on my blog have led me to present to the Sheikha Maryam in the United Arab Emirates, have given me the chance to interview many famous people including my lifelong idol, Sir Richard Branson, and have given me countless opportunities to build the business that has sustained me in one way or another since 2009. Does that sound dead to you?

Tip #2. Throwaway Writing is Dead

The universe at large is tired of “7 Ways to Get Her To Call You Back” posts.

Numbered posts. Ah, the doom.

My most popular post ever is a numbered post. My second most popular post ever is a numbered post. My third most popular post is a guest post and also a numbered post.

But POPULAR isn’t the goal. It’s helpful to some level, but your real goal is to nurture and encourage business relationships, and those aren’t earned through “31 Photos You Need To See Before Christmas” kinds of posts.

Throwaway writing might earn you some shares on Twitter, but it doesn’t earn you business. Business is earned in one simple way.

3. Be Helpful

My most popular post happens to be 100 Blog Topics I Wish You’d Write. My second most popular is 100 Blog Topics for Business.

Both of these led to my most successful course (affiliate link).

Every post of mine that ever has legs and lasts forever is something that’s helpful to people in some way or another. It’s not time-bound (just like this post isn’t). It’s usually something that can help my target market (people who choose to own their choices, their life, and thus their future).

And my posts are always built to help you succeed, whether or not you buy. That’s where the gold has come from. Wishing you great success in your journey —- If you want many more detailed blogging tips from Chris, consider checking out his Blogging Master Class course.

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