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How is Siemens Leveraging AI into Clinical Routine to Keep Pace in the Market?

Siemens is a global leader in AI when it comes to medical imaging
When it comes to Artificial Intelligence, Siemens has remained a global leader for nearly 20years when it comes to AI patent applications in medical imaging. The company’s expertise has bought in nearly 700 patent families relating to machine learning, among which 275 being rooted in deep learning. Let’s see how Siemens leveraging AI into a clinical routine in this article.   

AI is the key technology for digitizing healthcare by enabling it to transform care delivery, improve patient’s experience and expand precision medicine. The company is given out nearly 63 AI-powered solutions that aid in automating and standardizing the workflows. 

The key ingredient for continuous improvement over the years is its high-quality data. In the last 5years, Siemens Healthineers has invested in a dedicated structured reading, watching about nearly 750 million curated images, reports, and clinical and operational data which have been used to train algorithms. 

In order to excel in AI and its algorithms, the foremost is the high-performing infrastructure along with even more powerful data centers. The company works to deliver this kind of strong data. It has a supercomputer called ‘Sherlock’ which runs at 20peta floating-point operations per second. 

As key partnerships are necessary to accelerate the growth of the company, the company also takes the help of many of the award-winning AI and data scientists to take the organizations to heights. Through all of the added advantages, Siemens is able to provide value partnering and consulting, medical imaging, laboratory diagnostics, point-of-care testing, digital health solutions using AI technology.

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