How Big is Tumblr? [Infographic]

How Big is Tumblr? [Infographic]

tumblr_logoEarlier this week at the 4A’s Transformation Conference, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer emphasized the company’s commitment to Tumblr and its community:

“The average post on Tumblr gets reblogged about 14 times. The average sponsored post on Tumblr gets reblogged 10,000 times,” she said.

So to Marissa Mayer, Tumblr is not dead. But is it?

The infographic below from breaks down Tumblr by the numbers and found that despite media pressures and some TOS changes following Yahoo’s acquisition, in 2013 the number of Tumblr accounts actually increased, and the site had the second highest Revenue Per  Visit increase behind only Facebook from Q4 ’12 to Q4 ’13.

We’re living in the middle of this visual revolution of social platforms and Tumblr sits in a perfect position as a repository for branded content. The key to Tumblr is in its simplicity. While it definitely is a blogging platform at the core, its visual benefits far outweigh the textual ones. Tumblr users can post photos, videos, elaborate GIF structures (like this awesome one from the movie Carrie) and now slick inline polls with a recent Wedgies Tumblr partnership.

Many brands are using Tumblr to connect with a younger, more fast-paced demographic because of the frenetic speed at which trends and content move through the Tumblr network. While sites like Twitter and Facebook users may naturally put more of an emphasis on the “network factor” of social, or keeping up with personal connections, Tumblr users seem to be in it more for the entertainment factor. These visual connections can strengthen brand awareness and loyalty while empowering people with shareable assets to spread your message.

Last year, AOL used Tumblr to Live-GIF The Oscars and the upcoming film The Fault in Our Stars (based off the NYT best-selling John Green novel of the same name) built their entire movie site on the platform, injecting branded content alongside UGC.

Coca-Cola continues to maintain their Tumblr presence, updating daily with content refreshed (no pun intended) from their other campaigns. For example, right now you can post a short video with #ThisIsAHH and you could be in the next Coke commercial. They are then repackaging those entries into quickly shareable GIF clips posted on their Tumblr to highlight the community members and also get more submissions, as seen in this trick shot example.

Even more recently Apple (who has been historically quiet on social media platforms) launched a new Tumblr site recently to boost their brand awareness around the iPhone 5C called iSee 5C. Their Tumblr site is quite colorful, showcasing a number of interesting animations with the unique “dot back” pattern blending into an iPhone ad.


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