Genesys: Top Strategies in Leveraging AI for Automation in Customer Service

Genesys: Top Strategies in Leveraging AI for Automation in Customer Service

Genesys leverages AI for automation systems to enhance customer experience
Genesys is one of the popular technology companies in India that leverages major cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence to enhance customer as well as employee experiences. It provides cloud-based contact center software that includes inbound and outbound analytics, self-service options, screen share, and many more. Genesys is known for connecting customers in marketing, sales, and services on any type of channel efficiently and effectively. Genesys with AI offers automation through different strategies in recent years across 100 countries for more than 11,000 customers. Let’s explore some of the top strategies for AI for automation in multiple tasks.

Genesys offers a wide range of products such as email, chat, messaging, chatbots, voice bots, Genesys Cloud, Genesys Engage, and reporting and analytics. It provides its services to retail, banking, government, BPO, SMBs, and start-ups. Genesys AI helps to connect more than one moment to power continuous personalization at a large scale efficiently and effectively through automation. Channels like chatbots and voice bots include automation with artificial intelligence to maintain customer satisfaction by addressing all kinds of issues. Strategies with AI include scheduling the right number and type of employees in sync with the fluctuations.

Genesys AI increases operational efficiencies with one integrated system, drives revenue opportunities while capturing and qualifying leads, and boosts workforce performance through more customer interaction. Genesys leverages artificial intelligence for automation to reap the benefits of this major cutting-edge technology and customer self-service. One of the strategies for AI is to match customers to employees with predictive routing to create better experiences. Predictive routine through automation provides the right resources at the right time to the real-time needs of customers. Automation in routes enhances personalization across different channels to drive business goals and revenue. Genesys harnesses CRM system data with artificial intelligence and machine learning functionalities to meet KPIs efficiently and effectively.

One of the most important strategies for AI in Genesys is using intelligent voice assistants known as conversational voice bots and chatbots that understand common natural languages. Artificial intelligence-based voice bots create ample opportunities through cross-selling and up-selling with 24-hours availability that directly affects the customer experience. Chatbots provide faster and better customer support throughout the year. This strategy for AI helps employees of Genesys to focus on other creative work and complex interactions efficiently and effectively at the right time.

Genesys also leverages artificial intelligence through Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to keep track of customers who have opted for self-service or an agent. IVR is a well-known and well-designed system that is convenient as well as personalized. There is a blend of IVR, voice bot, and chatbot in the Genesys system for automation in customer service.