Easy Paycheck Formula – Sara Young’s Keyword Research Method

This article can be easily classified as an Easy Paycheck Formula review because I’m going to talk about its keyword research module. When it comes to affiliate marketing, choosing the right keywords can affect your results drastically. Many beginners are going to be confused about this subject so it’s important that you read this thoroughly.

First thing that you should understand is that there’s a purchasing cycle that a customer will go through before actually buying a product. It doesn’t matter whether it’s on the Internet or at your local mall. What you want to do is choose the phrases that a customer uses when they are actually ready to buy.

So don’t think about targeting a keyword that’s too general like ‘make money online’. Now this term gets a ton of searches and you might even be tempted to pay some traffic for it. But you actually don’t have any idea what the visitor wants and this is a good example of a person who is not ready to buy yet.

Many beginners are not aware of this and they will waste a lot of money when they try out some paid advertising methods like pay per click. But if a person searches for the term ‘easy paycheck formula review’ then that’s someone who is ready to buy. The reason for this is because they are now familiar with the product and they’re just looking for some reviews if the product is really good.

Next important subject that you have to study is determining the competition for a particular keyword. The author of the Easy Paycheck Formula, Sara Young actually teaches a really good method for beginners when it comes to assessing the keyword’s competition. Just keep in mind that you’re going to promote physical products in this course.

Her method is still based on checking the results when you put the keyword in quotes with some added search parameters. If you’re a beginner then this will clear up a lot of confusion. But as you get more experienced, you should be able to determine your competition just by checking out the first page.

It’s highly critical that you do some proper keyword research and that’s one of the things that you can learn inside the Easy Paycheck Formula. This course will also teach you how to promote physical products and I believe many beginners will have more chances of seeing results compared to promoting information products.

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