Digital marketing Video is capturing attention in the digital market – here’s how!

Digital marketing Video is capturing attention in the digital market – here’s how!

Digital marketing

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Digital marketing is a growing field that is proving to be more successful than traditional marketing. The rise of digital marketing across the globe means businesses are constantly looking at how they can improve their online advertising to best capture people’s attention. One of the most effective ways this can be achieved is through video.

Visual engagement

Video tends to be more engaging than traditional “image and text” content. Visual engagement is beneficial in promoting products as it provides a clearer understanding of the product. In effect, this increases the likelihood of conversions/traffic engagement. For example, in a 2020 report by wyzowl, 80 per cent of marketers found video advertising increased their sales. They also found that video increased traffic to their website and gave a good return on investment.

Easier to digest

Video makes information easier to digest. Complex topics can best be understood through video and our brains respond to visual information a lot quicker than reading text. This is because our senses are stimulated, making it easier to focus and improving our ability to remember the information presented. On the other hand, presenting complex topics through text can make people frustrated and drive them away.


There are several optimal platforms for video marketing.YouTube is one of the best platforms to use specifically for traffic. It ranks as the second most used search engine worldwide, with over two billion users! YouTube is an easy-to-use platform and videos can be shared easily. There are several other large platforms where video can be utilised effectively including Facebook, Google, Instagram, Vimeo. Snapchat and Twitter.

Improving Rankings with YouTube/Websites

YouTube is an excellent platform because it can also boost search rankings on Google. Google will sometimes display YouTube videos in its search results. If a video is well optimised, then google search results can drive traffic. When an engaging video is viewed, liked, or shared, it creates a positive impression and increases its ranking. Uploading videos to websites also improves search rankings by boosting engagement time and thus improving the website’s rankings.

Video types

Marketing to a current audience with the most engaging media will maximise ad spend. Video type can range from anything including product marketing videos, product demonstrations, explainer videos, event videos, customer success stories, and more.

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