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Digital marketing Email Marketing Agency – London & Surrey

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London, UK — (SBWIRE) — 04/08/2021 — 280+ billion emails are sent every day and this remains one of the most often used methods of consumer and business communication. Email marketing creates a way for a brand voice to be heard in a crowded marketplace and has increasingly become an essential tool for building long-term relationships. Today, email marketing isn’t just about sending content out to customers it requires carefully crafted messaging that will act to amplify a brand, promote (or another verb here) compliance with regulation such as the GDPR and an understanding of the technology that can ensure that emails achieve more in terms of outcomes. A digital agency like Iconic Digital can help with all this, as well as tying investment in email marketing into broader campaigns and strategy.

Using email marketing to boost campaign performance

Effective email marketing makes a big difference to the success of broader digital marketing campaigns. It has some key benefits including: (Some of its key benefits include:)

1. An opportunity to connect with customers and provide genuinely interesting and useful content that will help to strengthen engagement.

2. A cost-effective tool that can be used by any business of any size. A large budget is not necessary to achieve broad reach and start generating new leads.

3. Options to customise. Email marketing can be easily personalised, planned to be time-specific and tailored to reflect the messaging and goals of a brand.

4. It’s always in people’s pockets. Most people today access email via a device that is constantly with them. Email marketing opens a channel through which businesses can deliver value, promote products, collect feedback, increase sales and send traffic to a brand website.

Why work with a marketing agency?

Investing in internet marketing today means going further than basic SEO or content marketing and creating targeted campaigns that include all possible channels, including social media – and especially email. Iconic digital is a team of digital marketing consultants in London with demonstrable experience in the email marketing world, producing campaigns for clients that engage, inspire and don’t end up in the trash. It’s not just about creating the content and sending the emails out – working with a marketing agency brings a wealth of other resources to the table too.

1. Integrating intelligence into email marketing by using triggered email campaigns based on specific interactions between a brand and its customers.

2. Ensuring that emails (and the data involved in email marketing) are being handled in a way that is compliant with regulation such as the GDPR.

3. Targeting the right people. Buying the best data is essential for effective email marketing – working with a digital agency ensures that you’ve got access to the right data at the right price.

4. Optimising the process by using tools such as IP lookup, post-click tracking and cookies, and integrated web forms and CRM to better target emails and make use of the generated data.

5. Using A/B split testing to better understand customers and refine approach.

Iconic Digital is a digital growth agency with a wealth of tools, expertise, and resources available to help businesses achieve better results from their digital marketing investment. Transparent, experienced, friendly, and cost effective, the team is on hand to help.

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Iconic Digital Marketing Consultants was established in March 2012. As a leading London agency, our team of digital consultants specialise in creating dynamic, effective strategies that produce quantifiable results for both B2B and B2C businesses. As an award-winning digital agency, we work across all aspects of the marketing mix and ever-evolving digital landscape – ensuring all our clients achieve an unrivalled ROI-backed service. Get in touch with our team today on 020 7100 0726.

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