Is There Any Difference Between a Sales Letter and Landing Page?

The prospect of business depends on how you promote your services and offerings and in internet business there isn’t any exceptional to this rule. It is a specialized process on how you showcase your products and services for the first time before your potential customers. In online business, a couple of handy and effective marketing tools can be used to cabinet and to promote your services, among them sales letter and Landing Pages are the most commonly used. They can be considered as a direct mail that is sent to potential customers. However, people often get confused which one to choose? So let’s get into an in-detail study of these two effective marketing tools on the wire and find out their contrasting features.

sales letters sounds like normal letters which are written in a way to persuade the reader and allows you to speak one-to-one with the prospects or customers. The letter always begins with a provocative thoughts and ideas and then it quickly summarizes the benefits of the products & services within two to three paragraphs. The letter ends with a strong argument which will compel the readers for a response. On the flip side, Landing Pages are specialized pages which direct the visitors to click on a link given on the page from an outside source. The page focuses on particular product or service and directs the users through advertising platforms like PPC (pay-per-click) to visit the links thereof. Landing Pages are created to get an opt-in and to presell/warmup your prospective customers.

In case of the sales letters, the primary concept is to sell an idea or a concept of the product or service. It is more of selling the idea of buying a product. On the other hand, in Landing Pages you can think of collecting email address of an interested visitor in exchange of a free eBook and if you wish you can redirect them to the sales pages. Landing Pages is a kind of a place where the traffic of your site âlands.â A Landing Page can be categorized as:

  • Name squeeze page
  • Reverse squeeze page
  • Pre-launch page
  • sales letter

So positioning of your sales letters sometimes depends on the type of Landing Page you are using.

In terms of drawing website traffic, Landing Pages are much more effective than sales letters because you can direct the action of the visitors and can send them to you home page from a PPC ad or from an article resource box. However, sales letters are much more visually attractive and keeps the visitor engage with its content and persuasive words. They generate an awareness of the product and appeal to the buying instinct of the visitor, while in Landing Pages visitors may often find it skeptical to click on the links. But it is necessary to define your sales funnel first and then decide whether to choose a sales letter or a Landling page.

Sales letters or Landing Pages? The questions still prevails! But however both can be considered as the two sides of a same coin and are the important tool for effective online marketing.

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